JILL STUART 2017 Summer Collection

In stores April 7 / April 21, 2017

Blooming dew

Soft sunlight and a comfortable breeze.
A picnic date in the sunshine,
relaxing with someone special.
Share a spread of fruit and sweet delights,
chat, read a book, and snuggle close.

Bring refreshing luster and a flushed hint of red
to your lips, cheeks, around your eyes and on your fingertips.
Makeup that sparkles in the sunlight, looking so natural
but also just a little sexier than normal.
Blessed smiles will bloom between you each time your eyes meet,
bringing you even closer together.

Creating smiles like beautifully blooming flowers.
Oil-in-blush that adorns your cheeks with luster and flushed color.

In Stores April 21, 2017 New product

Blooming Dew Oil in Blush

5 types with 1 limited edition, 4,500 Yen (not including tax)

  • 01 peony bouquet Pure baby pink, like a bouquet of peonies
  • 02 swing poppy Coral pink, like cutely swaying
    poppy flowers
  • 03 lady tulip Lady red, like proudly blooming tulips
    *Main color
  • 04 blissful rose blissful rose Beige rose,
    like charming roses that inspire happiness
  • ★05 adorable daisy adorable daisy Purple pink, like brilliant and alluring daisies

★Limited edition color

Bring vivid color and refreshing luster to your lips.
A glow type oil rouge.

In stores April 7, 2017 New product

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge

10mL, 7 colors with 1 limited edition, 2,800 Yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 fortune strawberry Berry red, like strawberries that call forth good fortune
    *Main color
  • 02 grape pink Pink, like the dew on a grape
  • 03 candy apricot Cute coral, like an apricot
  • 04 loving cherry Pure pink, like a sweet cherry
  • 05 peach kiss Mature pink beige,
    like a ripe peach
  • 06 dearest plum Deep plum, alluring enough to captivate completely
  • ★07 chubby apple Pure red, like an apple dripping with juice

★Limited edition color

Bring shadow to your eyes with a glistening luster.
Six eye colors that bring you a sensual gaze.

In stores April 7, 2017 Limited edition

Nude Couture Eyes

2 limited editions, 5,000 Yen each (not including tax)

Provided in a pink box decorated with strawberries.
  • ★01 skin beige A beige and brown set of
    colors that blend
    meltingly into your skin
  • ★02 mauve brown A mauve brown set that deepens your femininity with subtle nuances
    *Main color

★Limited edition color

Fresh colors like fruit juice.
Nail colors with a smooth gloss.

In stores April 7, 2017 Limited edition

JILL STUART Fruit Juice Nails

10mL, 5 limited edition colors, 1,500 Yen each (not including tax)

Provided in a yellow box decorated with strawberries.
  • ★68 strawberry juice Pure pink, like strawberry juice
  • ★69 cranberry juice Vivid red, like cranberry juice
    *Main color
  • ★70 melon juice Coral pink, like melon juice
  • ★71 pineapple juice Yellow, like pineapple juice
  • ★72 grape juice Grape pink, like grape juice

★Limited edition color

Inspired by a picnic lunchbox.
A limited edition vanity pouch accented by a ribbon.

April 7, 2017 Limited edition

JILL STUART Pouch (Picnic Date)

3,800 Yen (not including tax)
*Pouch size: Approx. W160 x H50 x D100mm


2017 Summer Collection Blooming dew

For makeup as refreshing as a flower.

Nude Couture Eyes:
02 mauve brown
Stay True Gel Liner:
02 artistic brown
Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara:
02 rich brown
Blooming Dew Oil-in-Blush:
03 lady tulip
Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow:
01 fortune strawberry

How to makeup

  1. 1. Apply A around your entire eyehole, and then blur B from the outside of your eyes in toward the middle. Apply B along the edge of your bottom eyelid, from the outside. Apply D around the inner corner of your eyes to bring out some brightness.
  2. 2. Apply a natural line of Stay True Gel Liner, as though filling in the gap between your eyelashes.
  3. 3. Apply Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara from the roots for your eyelashes, for a natural finish.

Take the five Blooming Dew Oil in Blush colors onto the brush and spread onto your cheeks, starting from the center and depicting a gentle circle.


Apply Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow to your bottom lip and then your top lip, then apply more over the center part to bring out a full and rich luster.