JILL STUART 2017 summer makeup new items

In stores May 5, 2017

Blooming dew ~Glimmering, shiny jewel droplets~

The end of the rain at the start of summer is bright and refreshing.
When rays of sunlight shine between the clouds
the raindrops dotted on flowers and greenery
reflect those brilliant colors and, bathed in light,
start to sparkle just like jewels.

This summer is about makeup that achieves
a wet-look gaze with fresh gloss and glimmer.
Colors that burst onto skin play up
summer expressions with fresh translucency.
Grab attention with eyes that sparkle when they blink.

Fresh fit on eyelids with
a jelly-like touch.
Eye color that
glimmers and shines like jewel droplets.

In stores May 5th, 2017 New items

JILL STUART Jelly Eye Color

11 colors, including 1 limited-edition color, 2,200 Yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 diamond snow Snow white
    that adiatesa
    diamond-like sparkle
  • 02 nude dazzle Nude beige
    that melts onto
    skin with
    a dazzling glimmer
  • 03 brown bijou Glow brown
    that shines as if
    your eyes
    are decorated with
  • 04 rose romance Rose white
    with a sparkle
    as pure and sweet as
    love that makes
    the heart race
    (*Main color)
  • 05 dark glint Dark brown
    that radiates
    an enchanting glimmer
    from within
  • 06 angel tear Pure pink
    that sparkles
    as pure and clear as
    the tears of an angel
  • 07 amethyst dew Purple
    with the sparkle of
    trickling amethyst
  • 08 Cinderella gem Jewel blue
    with the innocent
    sparkle of
  • 09 blooming jewel Jewel coral
    that is as dazzling as
    flowers bursting into
    full bloom
  • 10 misty glow Mist green
    that shines like
    sunbeams glistening
    in the fog
  • ★11 raspberry pop Brilliant pink
    with the sweetness of

★Limited edition color