new base makeup items

In stores September 1, 2017

Tucked away inside this cushion you will find
the purity of a girl and the allure of a woman.
"If only it took just a moment to achieve
beautiful skin with the qualities of both."
At last, that wish has come true.

With JILL STUART’s new foundation “Pure Essence Cushion Compact”,
it only takes a gentle press of the cushion and simple taps on your face
to achieve fresh and lustrous skin, with no need for additional skincare or a base.
Skin feels pure, as if it's been beautifully reborn.

It even holds its own when there's no time for a touch-up,
creating a beautiful layer that lasts for up to 15 hours*.

An innocence, and yet a sexiness,
that begin with the press of a cushion.

Innocent yet sexy skin that begins with a press of the cushion.
Luster and translucence that lasts for 15 hours*, with no need for additional skincare or a base.

In stores September 1

JILL STUART pure essence cushion compact

15g, 5 colors, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

JILL STUART cushion compact < includes puff >
1,200 yen (not including tax)
**Pictured case is sold separately.

  • 101 linen Bright ochre
  • 202 ivory Pink, bright ochre
  • 103 nude Standard ochre
  • 204 sand Pink ochre
  • 105 tan Healthy ochre

Lustrous moisture and pore hiding translucence
that lasts Cushion Foundation

Feature 1.
Fully hydrated, fresh and lustrous skin

Formulated with moisturizing ingredients,
including Edelweiss extract and Rosemary extract, and emollient oil.
Protects the moisture of your skin, imparting a richly-moist luster.

Feature 2.
Skin with no visible pores, as if your bare skin itself has become more beautiful

Easy to create an ultra-thin, beautiful foundation layer,
realizing a lasting natural coverage effect that never gets too thick.
Also thoroughly protects against daytime UV rays, giving skin a bright and translucent finish.

Feature 3.
Perfect skin, resistant to dryness,
that lasts for 15 hours*

The coating compound holds emollient oil and moisturizing ingredients, adhering tightly to the skin
so that it resists dryness and deterioration even over many hours.
Also contains amino acid powder with water-repelling properties,
creating a makeup layer highly resistant to sweat.*

A supreme ultra-thin layer that
feels bonded to bare skin, rather than just simply applied.
The secret to a natural finish that feels like your skin itself has become more beautiful.

The mechanisms of Pure Essence Cushion Compact

[When contained in the cushion]
Oil ingredients:
Emollient oil (luster, protects skin's moisture)
Coating compound (ingredient that creates and maintains a beautiful layer, and increases makeup hold. Protects moisture layer.)
Moisturizing ingredients:
Edelweiss extract, Rosemary extract, Lavender extract,
Jojoba oil, Hyaluronic acid, Water, Glycerin
Amino acid powder:
A rich and smooth powder that boosts smoothness of spread, texture, and water-repelling ability
Create skin color
[The foundation layer]

Natural coverage with an ultra-thin layer.
Creates a lustrous and richly-moist layer to protect the moisture of the skin.