2017 Fall makeup new colors

In stores September 1, 2017

autumn flower ruffle

With endless skies, clear air,
and the trees and blossoms tinged with color,
it's a season when we crave a dark-toned style.
It's time to switch your wardrobe
—and your makeup—into fall colors.

Layer on natural and chic colors,
like the ruffles of a pretty dress,
for a look that has a soft depth
and yet a gentle blush.

Translucent fall-hued ruffle makeup
turns ‘girlish’ into sophistication with a hint of coolness.
Brush up your style and boost your allure
with a fall look finished perfectly with a feminine smile.

Dive into the fall mood with deep reds.
A set of five eye colors for a sophisticated gaze.

In stores September 1 New color

JILL STUART ribbon couture eyes

1 new set, 5,000 Yen (not including tax)

19 rustic angora A red & brick red set with a warmth
like the gentle eyes of an angora rabbit
(*Main color)

Give eyes a jewel-like sophisticated sparkle.
A set of four eye colors with the spirit of fall.

In stores September 1 New color

JILLSTUART shimmer couture eyes

1 new set, 5,000 Yen (not including tax)

07 brown couture A glittering brown and gold set evoking a bijou dress

Naked hues bring free control even over shadows.
Oil-in-blush that decorates cheeks with flushed luster.

In stores September 1 New color

JILLSTUART blooming dew oil in blush

1 new set, 4,500 Yen (not including tax)

08 silky lily Whites and beige browns impart a silky luster,
like a blossoming lily clad in dewdrops
(*Main color)

With deep reds, find your own
limited-edition color for each and every day.
Blush color that creates a classy expression.

In stores September 1 New color

JILLSTUART mix blush compact more colors

1 new set, 4,500 Yen (not including tax)

25 dearest wish A set of warm Bordeaux,
red and pink beige,
overflowing with deep love

2017 Fall Makeup autumn flower ruffle

Fall makeup looks created with relaxed, deep colors

Ribbon Couture Eyes:
19 rustic angora
Kittenish Look Liner:
02 plum brown
Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara:
02 rich brown
Blooming Dew Oil in Blush:
08 silky lily
Lip Blossom:
34 petit cherry

How to makeup

  1. 1. Using a fingertip or tip, apply Ribbon Couture Eyes "eye base" A in a thin layer across the entire lid. Next apply B "nuance color", C "nuance color", and then D "shading color", to create gradation. Last, apply E "ribbon color" in a line to the outer edge of the upper eyelid using the thin tip, and add a thin layer to the lower lid.
  2. 2. Apply Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara from the roots, for a natural eyelash finish.

Mix A, B and C Blooming Dew Oil in Blush colors and apply to the highest part of the cheekbones, T zone, around the eyes, and wherever else you want to add luster. Next, apply colors C, D and E along the cheekbones, then blend color E along the jawline.


Apply Lip Blossom to entire lips.