JILL STUART RELAX® Aqua Chiffon Protector P

In stores March 2, 2018

An airy veil that’s light to the touch.
Gel type sun block for complete protection against UV rays while wrapping you in a sweet fragrance.

In stores March 2, 2018

aqua chiffon protector P

(Gel type sun block) 60g 2,800 Yen (not including tax)


Five ways your skin is protected comfortably

Power up1. Lighter texture and better affinity with the skin
The membrane of the capsules in the base has been designed to be thin and soft, making the capsules easy to burst, which makes the product feel lighter.
Power up2. Fragrance that lasts
Be enveloped in the fragrance of White Floral while you apply, and enjoy the light aroma.
Power up3. Contains new ingredient iris extract
Effects include stimulating cells and supressing inflammation, meaning your skin will be packed with hydration, and feel moisturized to the touch.
4. Dust proof formulation to protect skin from the external environment
Forms a barrier for the skin against atmospheric pollution, such as dust, dirt and pollen. Protects delicate skin from environmental stressors.
5. Dry-feel with no sticky sensation
Contains sweat and sebum absorbing powder so your skin will stay smooth and dry, while feeling comfortable, all day long.

New beauty essence

Iris extract

The iris plant has a beautiful blue flower. The name is taken from the goddess Iris, of Greek mythology. The effects of iris extract include stimulating cells and supressing inflammation, as well as improving the barrier function of the skin. Won’t be beaten by even harsh UV rays, and will give you skin that’s packed with hydration, and feels moisturized to the touch.