Ribbon Couture Eyes, 2015 Spring collection new product

Ribbon Couture Eyes, 2015 Spring collection new product

The ribbon color takes gradation to the next level.
Five eye colors that combine elegance with sweetness.

In stores January 9, 2015 New Product
JILL STUART Ribbon Couture Eyes
5,000 Yen each (not including tax)

Product features:

・A set of five eye colors that bring out natural cuteness; four easy to use gradation colors and one “ribbon color,” functioning like a ribbon to brings out your eyes. Can be used like an accessory to give your eyes an elegant and cute look.
・Rich in emollients and spongy power particles, all enveloped in beauty oils. Feels soft, light and irresistibly smooth during application. Blends evenly onto your skin as though melting into it, providing the perfect feeling of close and complete coverage.
・Richly formulated with pure, highly translucent power particles. Clear and vivid color blends into your skin, bringing you beautiful eyes. A semi-matte finish that goes well with all other makeup.
・Makes use of three bases, with a formulation that envelops emollients in beauty oils. The “souffle base” provides perfect skin coverage while increasing the hold of the eye color to be used next, while the “airy chiffon base” provides natural gradation to easily blend the soft and spongy power particles, and the “melty chiffon base” maintains the key “ribbon color.” Beautiful, lasting color also protects your eyes from dryness.
・Supplied with two double-ended applicator tips that pick up eye color well and adding gradation easy. Using a large tip for the eye base, a medium tip for the nuance color and a small tip for the shading and ribbon colors allows you to realize stunningly beautiful eyes.
・A square, sharp, mature shape combines with a silver ribbon accessory, the icon of “ribbon couture,” to create a “lady-cute” design that expresses both of these sides of femininity. The compact is decorated with an octagon cut stone topped with an arabesque patterned tiara, and glittering beads.
・Opening the compact reveals an arabesque relief on the four gradation colors and a three dimensional ribbon relief on the ribbon color.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Use your fingertip or the supplied tip to apply A “eye base.” Then apply B or C “nuance color” around your entire eye hole. Extend D “shading color” along the edge of your eye, and then apply E “ribbon color” along the areas you wish to make look especially gorgeous.

Beauty Essences:
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (emollient)

Design Details:
・A compact like an octagon cut gemstone.

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