Horoscope Nails (In stores July 1, 2016)

Horoscope Nails (In stores July 1, 2016)

JILL STUART Horoscope Nails
10mL 1,800 Yen each (tax not included)
Limited edition

[00 Wish on secret stars]
In stores July 1, 2016
Secret stars: A delicately sparkling top coat, like a glittering shower of stars.

Product features:
・As a charm for yourself or as a gift to someone important in your life. Limited edition top coat with a zodiac theme that will make you wish your birthday would come sooner!
・A translucent and smooth top coat that has a variety of different colored pearls and “secret stars” mixed into it, allowing you to enjoy a thrilling moment of expectant excitement each time you apply it. The finish provides a translucent luster, like crystal glass, heightening the hold of nail color.
・Formulated with highly lustrous polish flow polymers. An even coat across your entire nail provides a finish with a feeling like crystal.
・A fresh base that is easy to apply. Spreads light and smoothly, for a uniform finish with no patchiness.
・Provides deep luster and a clear, rich color that lasts.
・The new polish glow polymer composition dries exceptionally quickly. (Quick drying type)
・The lasting polymer responds flexibly to impacts to your nails or changes in their shape, providing beautiful color that lasts.
The rope patterned, modern and multi-faceted cap is topped with an arabesque, brilliant cut crown, like a noble crest. Attached to the crown is a charm based on the relevant zodiac horoscope sign. The charm can also be removed and attached to a pouch or blush brush.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

Beauty Essences:
・Camellia oil, Argan oil, Macadamia nut oil (emollient).

Has a constellations themed Swarovski attached.

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