JILL STUART 2015 Fall Collection

In stores from July 31, 2015

My Dress ~Wearing my own dress of destiny~

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Jill Stuart Beauty.
Jill Stuart’s unchanging desire
is for makeup to be a part of your outfit, a “dress” that you wear.
The item that balances your outfit and your makeup is lipstick.
Lipstick can completely change the entire impression you create,
and can even change your mood.
Lipstick therefore takes center stage for the fall and winter makeup lineup,
seeking to maximize the appeal of women everywhere.

The new lipstick has an incredibly elegant, beautiful body.
It bursts with beautiful, rich color and an unprecedented luster.
In the moment you apply it your lips will be adorned with elegance,
as though slipping into a wonderful dress.
Obtain this lipstick of happiness, as though meeting with that destined outfit.

Melts like a cream. Lipstick overflowing with elegance,
like slipping into a wonderful dress.

In stores from July 31, 2015 New Product

Rouge My Dress

10 colors, 1 limited edition,
3,000 Yen each (not including tax)

The top of the cap features a Swarovski crystal and a bold, emblem-like J.


  • 01 lady fascinator Royal lady pink,
    like a gorgeous
    and noble hat
    (*Main Color)
  • 02 pezzottaite necklace Charming light pink,
    like a pezzottaite gemstone
    (*Limited edition color)
  • 03 romantic ruffle Romantic coral,
    giving a soft and gentle impression
  • 04 flower katyusha Flower orange,
    with a cute and charming appeal
  • 05 ruby earrings Luxury red,
    like elegant rubies
  • 06 garnet brooch Mild red,
    calm and relaxed
  • 07 formal banquet Misty rose,
    overflowing with kindness
  • 08 classy pumps Classic beige,
    blending perfectly with your skin
  • 09 red high heels Deep high heel red,
    with a mature sexiness
  • 10 blooming tiara Fuchsia pink,
    for a fashionable style

Bring chic and elegant sparkle to your fingertips. Nail colors that give your hands mature sophistication.

In stores from July 31, 2015
New colors and limited edition color

Nail Lacquer R

10mL, 2 colors, 1 limited edition color, 1,500 Yen each (not including tax)


  • 44 sweet actress Deep bordeaux
    that gives off an actress-like elegance
    (*Main Color)
  • 45 love shower Pure magenta,
    overflowing with love