JILL STUART 2017 Fall Collection

In stores August 4, 2017

Autumn pink blossom ~ A sophisticated pink collection, blooming with diverse colors ~

Pink—it has the magic to fill any girl with feelings of happiness.
So long as there is pink, spirits can be lifted and hidden allure brought out.

This season, JILL STUART plays with pinks
that are more sophisticated and have a fresh fall feeling.
This is makeup with clear, lustrous colors, filled with pink nuances
to create chic hues with a hint of sweetness.

Find your perfect pink—one that's not limited to "cute",
and that brings out your elegant allure.

Freshness and color like flower petals.
Lipstick brimming with luxurious luster.

In stores August 4, New Product

JILL STUART lip blossom

22 colors, including 2 limited edition colors, 2,800 Yen each (not including tax)

  • 31
    sweet gerbera
    Vivid sweet pink,
    like a gerbera
  • 32
    mandevilla dress
    Gorgeous coral pink,
    like a mandevilla
  • 33
    cherry blossom
    Fleeting and faint petal pink, like cherry blossoms
  • 34
    petit cherry
    Mild red, like a small fresh cherry
  • 35
    feminine lilac
    Elegant feminine pink, like a lilac
  • 36
    blooming daisy
    Pure pink, like daisies in full bloom
  • 37
    peony party
    Happy party pink,
    like a brilliant peony
  • 38
    tulip red
    Innocent red,
    like a tulip
  • 39
    Reddish pink that summons up the happiness of flowers
    *Main color
  • 40
    dahlia rouge
    Deep red, like a crimson dahlia
  • 41
    precious carnation
    Misty pink, like a joyful carnation
  • 42
    mellow rose
    Chic and elegant mellow pink, like a rose
  • 43
    casablanca voyage
    Classy warm beige,
    like Casablanca
  • 44
    tender mum
    Gentle pinkish brown, like mum petals
  • 45
    seductive amaryllis
    Captivating Bordeaux red, like an amaryllis
  • 46
    lady anemone
    Feminine deep burgundy, like an anemone
  • 47
    violet melody
    Violet pink with a hint of blue, like a violet
  • 48
    princess orchid
    Vivid blue pink that evokes a graceful orchid
  • ★49
    twinkle marguerite
    Dazzling and bright twinkle pink, like a marguerite
  • 50
    dazzling poinsettia
    Dazzling pure red,
    like a poinsettia
  • 51
    mimosa shower
    Coral pink, like mimosa sparkling in the light
  • ★52
    flower crown
    Vivid and unique magic pink, like a crown of flowers

Sophisticated pink to get into the fall mood.
Five colors of eyeliner for a lustrous gaze.

In stores August 4, Limited edition

ribbon couture eyes

2 limited edition colors, 5,000 Yen each (not including tax)

  • ★17 twinkle petal A vivid and chic set,
    like droplets on a flower petal
  • ★18 night blossom A night pink set, like
    flowers shining in the moonlight
    *Main color

Sophisticated lashes with a hint of fall color.
Film-type mascara for uplifting curls.

In stores August 4, Limited edition

blooming blossom
curl lash mascara

2 limited edition colors, 3,000 Yen each (not including tax)

  • ★03 pink black Black with shades of pink
  • ★04 pink bordeaux Bordeaux with shades of pink
    *Main color

Like the colors of elegant fall flowers.
Oil in blush that flatters skin with luster.

In stores August 4, Limited edition

blooming dew oil in blush

2 limited edition colors, 4,500 Yen each (not including tax)

  • ★06 sweet camellia Sweet pink, like
    the folding leaves of the camellia
  • ★07 seductive mum Bordeaux pink, like
    the deeply-colored petals of a mum
    *Main color

Decorate your fingertips with flowers in full bloom.
A top coat in sweet, clear pink.

In stores August 4, Limited edition

JILL STUART bouquet nails

10mL, 1,500 Yen (not including tax)

Blossom clear pink, like flowers bursting into full bloom


Chic colors for seductive fingertips.
Nail colors perfect for the feeling of fall.

In stores August 4, New colors

JILL STUART nail lacquer R

10mL, 7 new colors, 1,500 Yen each (not including tax)

  • 73 blessed pink Vivid pink, bringing
    a wonderful sparkle and
    living sensation of color
  • 74 still love A lovely pink,
    full of love that
    lasts forever
  • 75 rose taupe A taupe pink, bitter
    yet sweet, like water
    droplets on a rose
  • 76 warm feather A pink beige,
    like wings that wrap
    warmly around you
  • 77 secret promise A secret pink,
    evoking a chic and
    sophisticated woman
  • 78 dear my special A lovely red, as deep as
    the emotions felt when
    thinking of a loved one
    *Main color
  • 79 night trip A dark bordeaux that
    evokes a journey through
    sweet dreams

A lucky charm for love!
A sophisticated compact mirror you'll never want to leave at home.

In stores August 4, New Product

JILL STUART compact mirror Ⅲ

2,200 Yen (not including tax)


An air of casual sophistication.
A limited edition pouch with plenty of room for makeup items.

In stores August 4, Limited edition

pouch (lacy blossom)

3,800 Yen (not including tax)
*Pouch size (01 and 02): Approx. W165 x H100 x D70mm

  • ★01 pink blossom
  • ★02 black blossom

2017 Fall Makeup Autumn pink blossom

Autumn makeup created with chic pink colors

Ribbon Couture Eyes:
18 night blossom
Kittenish Look Liner:
01 black kitten
Blooming Blossom Curl Lush Mascara:
04 pink bordeaux
Blooming Dew Oil in Blush:
07 seductive mum
Lip Blossom:
39 bouquet

How to makeup

  1. 1. Using a fingertip or tip, apply Ribbon Couture Eyes "Eye Base" A in a thin layer across the entire lid. Next, blend "Nuance Color" C in the eye socket. Then add "Shading Color" D along the edge of the eyelashes, and layer "Nuance Color" B at the outer edges. Finally, apply "Ribbon Color" E to the highpoint in the center of the eyelid.
  2. 2. Use Kittenish Look Liner to draw a thin line along the lash line.
  3. 3. Apply Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara from the roots, for a natural eyelash finish.

Take the 5 colors of Blooming Dew Oil in Blush onto the brush, and apply starting from the center of the cheeks and lightly drawing outwards in a spiral.


Apply Lip Blossom to entire lips.

2017 NY Fall Collection に見る今季のファッショントレンド

“like a favorite song or a favorite perfume” 〜 A collection created envisioning clothes as a favorite song or perfume 〜

The key items and key colors are chiffon, embroidery, black, navy, red and gold. On sheer gold tulle, water droplets embroidered in beautiful gold thread glisten in the light, with a luster like oil. Along with skirts made with plentiful taffeta and layers in divided parts, there was a lot of complicated matching on display. Victorian-style voluminous silhouettes stood out.

Velvet, chiffon, silk, luster like oil
Lustrous flower prints that mix dark and vivid colors, gold embroidery, see-through and embroidery combinations

[Main makeup]

Super-gorgeous makeup that is rich, luxurious and flawless. Eye makeup featuring smoky cat eyes. The eyeliner outline was slightly thin, expressing a casual roughness and dynamism. Gloss shadow with metallic glitter and luster was used on the eyelids, for a luxurious and glossy, yet mysterious expression. Lips were made to look like they're bursting with moisture.

[Other makeup]

Lips were given a deep burgundy plum color, with gloss layered over to bring out shine and match the glittering eye makeup. Gloss on the eyelids was slightly subdued, while inner eyes were highlighted with a glittering white. Adding a little glitter to eyes created an expression with a mysterious yet clean sparkle.