JILL STUART RELAX® new hair care items

In stores July 6, 2018

Crystal Bloom Blissful Breeze

For hair that feels silky smooth with every touch,
and shines with a captivating softness with every bounce.
It also releases the sweet, blissful fragrance of White Floral,
to relax the soul. The Relax hair care series from
JILL STUART affords a feminine charm, with its radiant shine and fragrance.
Give yourself head-turning gleaming hair,
that radiates light like wearing a piece of jewelry.

Textured, yet smooth And always shiny.
Styling cream for easy styling of messy-look hair.

In stores July 6, 2018 New item

styling hair cream

80g 2,000 yen (not including tax)/30g 1,000 yen (not including tax)


Three features of Hair Cream.

For messy-look, or well-defined hair.
The setting power to arrange your hair with subtle nuances, just how you like, by giving full control over hair direction and texture.
Tousled look Textured look Hair root body Defined curls Airy curls
Contains Makeup Agent, so you can arrange your hair freely to suit your mood or the current trends, while it stays soft.
Makeup Agent:
Wax with high flexibility performance. Forms a supple layer that will position your hair in a controlled way. For direction and texture just how you want it.
Reset style with a comb.
Contains oil-type ingredients. Arrange your hair and makeup with complete control, without making your hair hard and dry. Flexible setting power that lasts. Doesn’t make your hair too hard, so if your hair falls out of place, you can fix it easily with a comb.
Natural shine and UV-ray blockage.
Contains Crystal Shine Agent to give your hair a natural shine. UV Reducer will protect your hair from the damage caused by UV rays.

For curly, soft hair that lasts and lasts.
Curl mist that easily brings out lustrous curls and
protects your hair from heat.

In stores July 6, 2018 New item

JILL STUART treatment hair mist curl

200mL 2,800 yen (not including tax)


Three features of Hair Mist.

Creates subtle, soft curls.
Lets you make casual, light and airy curls.
Contains Hydration Agent consisting of botanical oils and other ingredients, as well as Shiny Curl Agent. Gives you a subtle and light curly hairstyle, while keeping your hair hydrated and smooth.
Imparts a lustrous texture.
Shiny Curl Agent realigns unruly cuticles, creating an even surface to reflect light beautifully, leaving your hair looking as shiny as can be.
Protects your hair from iron heat.
Made with Heat Protect formulation. Hydration Agent containing botanical oils and other ingredients and Hair Repair Agent protect the inside of your hair from damage, and Shiny Curl Agent coats cuticles.Protects hair from brittleness or dryness caused by hair irons of up to 180°C.