JILL STUART 2018 Fall Collection

In stores August 3, 2018

Kisses on petal

A woman's lips lend the most freedom to her look.
She can choose a different color than normal,
or a different texture than usual,
or a different style of line.
The charm of a girl, the allure of a woman,
a gentleness full of love, and the strong will hidden inside.
Those attractions exude endlessly from the lips.

This season’s JILL STUART is
a makeup collection of brilliant colors and matte textures,
like lips kissed by petals and transformed into their hues.
Rich and velvety lipstick, like the petals of a rose,
brings out the beauty of your skin.
Give them a refined look with a delicate lip line,
or add a softer outline to create a gentle impression.
Create your ideal lips, just as you imagine them.

Lipstick that shows the true you is like eternal magic on your lips.
Give lips the center stage, and make this new allure yours.

Like lips brushed with petals and imbued with color.
Lipstick with a semi-matte texture and brilliant color.

In stores August 3, 2018 New item

lip blossom velvet

12 colors, including 2 limited-edition colors: 2,800 Yen each (not including tax)

A semi-matte gel that glides on lightly
yet has the moisture of a matte
JILL STUART Lip Blossom Velvet
uses a semi-matte gel that provides a rich texture,
achieving the look of matte lipstick, with light application and a feeling of moisture.
Brilliant color and a uniform layer result in a beautiful finish.
By reducing the amount of powder that is normally formulated in matte lipstick,
we reduce its powdery texture and drying sensation.
Semi-matte lipstick that provides
rich color with just one coat
Brilliant color with just one coat
It glides on smoothly in a uniform layer to create a richly beautiful finish.
Formulated with semi-matte gel,
it creates color that feels light and looks beautiful.
Lasts all day long
It’s formulated with wax that helps pigment seal to lips. The lipstick holds tightly onto lips,
so it doesn’t budge and colors stay bright even when lips move.
Texture is semi-matte yet moist
It doesn’t have the dry, heavy texture of matte lipstick that highlights vertical lines,
so it feels great as it goes onto lips, and is moist yet light.
  • 01 romantic
    Romantic red
    with the depth of
    a camellia
    ※Main color
  • 02 dancing
    True red
    like a swaying
  • 03 pansy
    Brilliant red,
    like the music
    of a pansy
  • 04 innocent
    Beige pink
    that is innocent
    as a freesia
  • 05 lovely
    Pure pink
    as lovely as
    a cosmos
  • 06 little
    as sophisticated as
    a small orchid
  • 07 pretty
    Vivid pink
    as cute as
    a bougainvillea
  • 08 baby
    Baby pink
    as delicate as
    a cattleya
  • 09 happy
    Coral orange
    as cheerful as
    a marigold
  • 10 elegant
    Dark Bordeaux red
    as sophisticated as
    a wisteria
  • ★11 dreamy
    Dreamy red
    as gorgeous as
    a ranunculus
  • ★12 lady
    Burgundy red
    as feminine as
    a dianthus

Create delicate lines exactly how you like.
Lip liner for superb and creative lip styles.

In stores August 3, 2018 New item

lip contour & blur liner

4 colors, 2,000 Yen each (not including tax)

Lip liner that glides on in brilliant, lasting colors,
to give lips exactly the look you want
A lasting finish that doesn't smudge
It's formulated with light and smooth oils.
Perfectly balancing oil and powder allows the liner to glide into creases on the lips,
for lasting color that doesn't smudge.
Moist finish, so vertical lines don't stand out
Highly-adhesive oils seal to lips,
forming a tight layer that provides
a lasting sense of moisture.
It both looks beautiful and conceals
lips' vertical lines.
  • 01 deep red Gorgeous and
    deep red
  • 02 cassis bordeaux Brilliant Bordeaux red
    like cassis
    ※Main color
  • 03 feminine pink Cute and lovely
    feminine pink
  • 04 old rose pink Warm pink
    like a rose
How to makeup
Create your ideal lip style with
Lip Blossom Velvet and Lip Contour & Blur Liner
Basic lip style
Match the color of lipstick and liner for a perfect beauty
Outline lips with the liner, then fill in evenly using Lip Blossom.
Lip Contour & Blur Liner:
02 cassis bordeaux
Lip Blossom Velvet:
01 romantic camellia
Double-color lip style
Give lips a strong outline for a finish that pops
Outline lips with the liner,
then apply Lip Blossom without
layering over liner.
Inline gradation lip style
For a finish with volume and definition
Outline lips with the liner,
then blur with the applicator tip
to create a gradated finish.
Lip Contour & Blur Liner:
01 deep red
Lip Blossom Velvet:
08 baby cattleya
Double-color lip style
Outline lips lightly for a girlish look
Outline lips with the liner,
then apply Lip Blossom on the
inside without layering over liner.
Outline gradation lip style
For a flushed, voluptuous look
Outline lips with the liner,
then blur with the applicator tip
to create a gradated finish.
Lip Contour & Blur Liner:
03 feminine pink
Lip Blossom Velvet:
07 pretty bougainvillea

Like flower petals gently melting onto your cheeks.
Blush and eyeshadow that impart gentle color.

In stores August 3, 2018 New item

cheek & eye blossom

12 colors, including 2 limited-edition colors: 2,300 Yen each (not including tax)

From a soufflé into a powder—
Blush and eyeshadow in superb colors
Soufflé texture transforms into
a powder for a silky finish
Gel with a light texture changes into
a powder when it touches skin.
It spreads smoothly, and can be easily
blurred without feeling sticky.
Light oils give it a lightweight feel when applied, with no sense of dryness.
Melts onto skin to achieve an airy finish
We've utilized a half-transparent base that resists sweat and sebum.
It doesn't create a white sheen, or get sticky and smudge like a normal cream blush,
so the beautiful finish lasts.
It melts gently onto cheeks,
imparting color as if a flower has bloomed.
  • 01 swinging daisy Feminine pink
    like a daisy swaying
    in the breeze
  • 02 happy sunflower Bright happy orange
    like a sunflower
  • 03 petit anemone Milky red
    like a gorgeous
  • 04 girly lily Sweet girly pink
    like a lily
  • 05 dressy iris Purple like
    a sophisticated iris
  • 06 fairy tulip Cute sweet pink
    like a tulip
  • 07 elegant rose Refined pink
    like a rose
    ※Main color
  • 08 grace gerbera Graceful magenta pink
    like a gerbera
  • 09 deep dahlia Alluring deep red
    like a dahlia
  • 10 romantic aster Romantic cassis red
    like an aster
  • ★11
    pure lavender
    Pure innocent purple
    like lavender blossoms
  • ★12
    twinkle peony
    Lovely coral orange
    like a peony
How to makeup
Apply in different ways to create your desired look
02 happy sunflower
09 deep dahlia
Create superb gradation by applying
a dark color to the center of your cheeks and
layering a lighter color around it.
★11 pure lavender  ★12 twinkle peony
Using a lighter color on the outside
allows for easy blending.

Mix and match beautiful colors and superb textures.
Six colors of eyeshadow to create eyes with depth.

In stores August 3, 2018 Limited-edition item

couture mix eyes

2 limited-edition types, 5,000 Yen each (not including tax)

  • ★01 antique garnet A palette of antique colors as warm as a garnet
  • ★02 vintage petal A palette of vintage colors that are grey-toned and cool
    ※Main color

A sophisticated matte texture and delicate pearl.
Limited-edition nail polish perfect for autumn.

In stores August 3, 2018 Limited-edition colors

dazzling matte nails

10mL, 5 limited-edition colors, 1,500 Yen each (not including tax)

  • ★91 rose petal rose petal Brilliant
    glittering red,
    like the petals
    of a rose
    ※Main color
  • ★92 silky mood Smooth pink
    with a luster
    like silk
  • ★93 sunset drop Shiny red
    with a glow
    as bright as
    a dazzling sunset
  • ★94 blushed flower Pink like
    a gently
    inted flower
  • ★95 beating heart Bordeaux red
    that evokes
    a throbbing heart

With a chic look perfect for autumn and winter.
A limited edition pouch with plenty of room for makeup items.

In stores August 3, 2018 Limited-edition item

(kiss petal)

3,800 Yen (not including tax)
*Pouch size: about W190×H95×D55mm


With the freshness and color of flower petals.
Lipstick in colors that stir up the mood of autumn.

In stores August 3, 2018 New colors

lip blossom

3 new colors, 2,800 Yen each (not including tax)

  • 55 love zinnia Gorgeous and lovely red like a zinnia
  • 56 classic saintpaulia Relaxed classic red like a saintpaulia
  • 57 sparkling azalea Vibrant sparkling pink like an azalea
    ※Glitter type

2018 Fall Makeup Kisses on petal

Autumn makeup that plays with brilliant color and matte textures

Couture Mix Eyes
02 vintage petal
Stay True Gel Liner
02 artistic brown
Lasting Curl Blossom Mascara WP
01 pure black
Cheek & Eye Blossom: 07 elegant rose
07 elegant rose
Lip Contour & Blur Liner
02 cassis bordeaux
Lip Blossom Velvet
01 romantic camellia

How to makeup

  1. 1. Using a fingertip or the applicator, apply Couture Mix Eyes "eyeline color" (F) to the upper lid, from the outer to inner corner. Then apply the "deep color" (C) in a thin layer across the entire lid from the outer to inner corner. Apply the "nuance color" (E) across the entire eyelid and blend. Last, add a touch of the "nude color" (B) to the inner corner of the eye. For the lower lid, apply the "nuance color" (E) along the lash line from the inner corner 2/3 of the way towards the outer corner, then fill the last 1/3 with "deep color" (C).
  2. 2. Fill in the lash line with Stay True Gel Liner
  3. 3. Finish with Lasting Curl Blossom Mascara WP, creating a natural look.

Take a suitable amount of Cheek & Eye Blossom on a fingertip and apply gently with a light touch.


Use Lip Contour & Blur Liner to give lips a solid outline, then fill in completely with Lip Blossom Velvet.

2018 JILL STUART NY Fall Collection Fashion trends for this season

Held at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park, the show featured grand and chic looks that evoke portrait paintings.
The clothes were of a romantic style reminiscent of the Old World, such as a high-neck dress decorated with black lace and flowers, a brocade coat woven with metal thread, and a silk dress with dainty flower print.
The show took on a different style than the usual runway, with models playing the piano or sprawled on chairs, and it was a collection that expressed the liberation of female individuality.

【Key word】
OPHELIA: A character in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
ARDOR: Latin for "flame", it expresses passion
VERDURE: Greenery, new growth
ELAN: French for "flight", it expresses elegance
PHOENIX: The mythical bird that rises from flames

Taking inspiration from fashion-forward ‘Chelsea girls’, the makeup is like that of London women.
The base makeup is natural, with highlighting used to add luster and definition.
The eyes use Couture Mix Eyes and Jelly Eye Color in nude gold colors and coral browns, layered boldly across the entire lid to give the eyes a striking and deep look.
To match the presence of the eyes, lips are given a feminine and naturally-textured finish.