JILL STUART new base makeup items

In stores September 07, 2018

Airy frost

Light, like a fleeting touch Smooth, as it melts into your skin

The half-matte finish softly blurs pores and discoloration,
giving your skin an enchantingly translucent look.
A unique frosted-glass look for your skin.

This is a finish you won’t be able to stop touching,
that features a pure complexion.

You’ll have no problem finding just the right color for you,
with a generous range of 10 colors to chose from.

Before you know it you’ll be working both a translucent youthfulness and
a sophisticated sexiness that will captivate everyone around you.

Melts gently into the skin, for translucent, pore-free skin.
Lasting foundation for frosted-glass half-matte skin.

In stores September 07, 2018 New item

airy stay flawless
powder foundation

8.5g, 10 colors, 3,000 yen each (not including tax) SPF22/PA++

  • 10 very bright red ocher
  • 12 bright red ocher
  • 14 red ocher
  • 21 bright ocher
  • 23 standard ocher
    ※Main color
  • 25 healthy ocher
  • 27 deep ocher
  • 30 very bright yellow beige
  • 32 bright yellow beige
  • 34 yellow beige
Powder foundation that melts gently into your skin,
softly blurring pores and discoloration.
Although a powder,
it feels soft to the touch, melting into the skin.
Won’t irritate your skin, and won’t dry out over time.
The powder is coated in Moisture Essence oil,
which contains moisture and has hydrating properties,
so it forms a lasting layer that’s soft and hydrating.
It also contains mineral powder and amino acid-based powder,
so it feels gentle on the skin,
and won’t have an irritating effect.
While it covers pores and
other problems such as uneven texture
or discoloration completely,
it’s not grainy, and has a natural finish.
Blurs uneven texture with the soft focus effect
of Airy Frost Powder, and covers
discoloration completely.
Also contains Light-fit Cover Powder,
which is coated with phospholipids,
which have similar properties to your skin,
making it adhere lightly yet closely.
While this foundation has robust coverage performance, it forms a thin layer
and provides a natural finish.
Non-shiny, no-budge, and long-lasting.
Contains Transfer Free Powder to prevent your foundation from transferring to your clothes,
so your foundation will stay beautiful,
even if you lean on your chin or touch your face.
Enjoy a shine-free, dullness-free,
translucent finish that lasts all day,
with the power of sweat and
sebum adsorbing powder.
Airy Frost Powder
Airy Frost Powder particles are hollow,
so they scatter light not just on the surface,
but also from within, meaning
they have even more reflectivity.
Banishes concerning features such as pores
and discoloration with light, blurring softly.
Light-fit Cover Powder
Rolling over the skins surface,
this coverage powder has high slide
performance, making it adhere lightly
yet closely to uneven surfaces.
Forms a uniform yet thin layer,
for a natural finish.

Covers uneven pores and discoloration
while being soft on skin.
A foundation brush that glides over your skin
for a finely textured finish.

In stores September 07, 2018 New item

airy finish foundation brush

3,500 Yen (not including tax)


Turn both pores and uneven areas into
a flat surface in just one step.
Makeup base to make your foundation apply smoothly.

In stores September 07, 2018 New item

lasting full flat base

30mL 1 color, 2,800 yen each (not including tax) SPF25/PA++

Makeup base that covers uneven patches completely,
and gives you a finish thats hydrated and pliable.
Complete coverage for pores and
discoloration, yet looks like you’re
wearing nothing at all.
Has been formulated with the ideal balance
of care agents for pore sebum,
and powders to even out uneven areas.
Experience complete cover,
without that powdery look.
In addition, it's made with skin-loving
amino acid-based powder, so when applied it
forms an even layer, which looks exactly
like your natural skin.
Won’t irritate your skin,
with a just-applied finish that lasts.
Doesn’t feel powdery or heavy.
Smooth and comfortable to the touch.
Formulated with the bare minimum
quantity of powder, so it forms
a supple, hydrated layer.

Cover dark circles, dullness and acne scars naturally.
Concealer with a beautiful finish that lasts and lasts.

In stores September 07, 2018 New item

lasting & cover perfection concealer

4 colors, 2,500 yen each (not including tax) SPF30/PA+++

  • 01 light beige Bright tone
  • 02 beige Natural tone
    ※Main color
  • 03 warm beige Healthy tone
Whatever the issue, whether it's dark circles, discoloration or acne scars, this concealer provides complete coverage in a single step. Melts naturally into the skin for a no-budge, beautiful finish that lasts.
  • 04 apricot beige Tone for dark circles.
Formulated to provide color control, this concealer provides complete coverage for concerning dark circles in a single step. Melts naturally into the skin for a no-budge, beautiful finish that lasts.
Complete coverage for any and all skin problems,
Concealer that lasts with a just-applied finish that won’t budge.
Covers dark circles,
acne scars and blemishes
First, moisture evaporates away to form
a thin layer that adheres closely to the skin.
Remaining coverage agents are then
left in an even formation,
covering any and all problems.
Your expression may change,
but this foundation won't
Stretch Agent works to form a thin,
pliable layer that adheres closely to areas
that experience a lot of movement
like around the eyes and the mouth,
preventing dislodgement.
Also repels moisture,
so won’t dislodge due to sweat or tears.
Formulated with Lasting Powder
that absorbs excess sebum,
for a beautiful finish that lasts.
Provides and locks in hydration.
Provides hydration to areas prone to dryness
such as the eyes and mouth,
keeping your skin healthy.
Forms a pliable layer that contains
moisturizing oil to protect the skin from
dryness, locking in hydration.
Non-irritating and gentle on the skin
Formulated with mineral powder and
amino acid-based powder,
so it’s gentle on the skin,
and non-irritating.
Suggested directions for use
1 Basic usage directions
Complete coverage in just a single step. Also provides complete coverage for any and all skin problems. Just layer on concerning areas.
*Please wait for 30 seconds until the product has set before layering.
2 How to layer 04 (for dark circles) and nude colors 01, 02 and 03.
Apply the orange-based 04 to dark circles for complete coverage.
Apply nude colors on top for a translucent, natural finish.

Look vibrant, look radiant.
Glow type highlighter for definition controlled by light and shadow.

In stores September 07, 2018 New colors

JILL STUART secret control 〈Highlighter and face color〉

1 new color, 2,800 yen (not including tax) SPF15/PA++

  • 09 light glow