JILL STUART My Black Dress

In stores October 5, 2018

My Black Dress

Simple, feminine, and elegant.
It's a special little number that makes you feel like a film star.
No matter what the occasion,
in it you look gorgeous, lovely, and polished.

There's a special little thrill you feel
when selecting your favorite black dress from your closet.
This makeup collection is perfect for that kind of day.

It take the confidence that black gives you,
and the beauty locked inside, and lets you
tuck it in your clutch bag to enjoy your other feminine side.

With fine-textured powder for translucence and definition.
Face powder that gives skin a sophisticated matte finish.

In stores October 5, 2018 New item

designing face powder

1 color, 4,000 yen (not including tax)

  • 01 elegant silk A set of white and beige
    as smooth as silk
    (non pearl)

Create delicate gradation, like layers of organdy.
Eyeshadows that give eyes a look of translucence.

In stores October 5, 2018 New item

modeling lucent eyes

2 types, 5,000 yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 healthy modern A palette of yellow browns
    that is refined and sophisticated
    ※Main color
  • 02 classy modern A palette of red brows
    that is feminine and classy

For gorgeously smooth and alluring lips that last all day.
Liquid rouge in vivid colors to accent your dress.

In stores October 5, 2018 New item

JILL STUART dressed rouge

6 colors, including 1 limited edition color, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 garnet ring A deep
    true red
    like that of a garnet
    (non pearl)
    ※Main color
  • 02 black dress A dark red
    as sexy as
    a black dress
    (non pearl)
  • 03 my clutch A vivid pink
    as showy as
    a clutch handbag
    (non pearl)
  • 04 grace necklace A brownish red
    as graceful as
    an elegant necklace
  • 05 nude tutu A pink beige
    as delicate as
    a tutu
  • ★06 pink pearl earrings A mauve brown
    that glistens as
    mysteriously as a pink pearl