JILL STUART Holiday Collection limited items
white love story collection

In stores November 16, 2018

white love story

A winter wonderland where it seems as if even white breath will turn into snow.
The cold air is more crystalline than usual, accentuating the snow’s sparkle.
A happy mood builds with every new snowflake that piles up.
Lots of love and warmth spill out into the streets.

Christmas 2018 at JILLSTUART
A holiday collection filled with love, like a Christmas gift
chosen to delight family, friends, and loved ones.

Make this snow-like translucence yours,
and a romantic love story is sure to come your way.

Design and Fragrance

Designed in the image of a love story permeating
throughout the snow-covered city streets.
All of the items have a “secret heart” hidden inside.

A floral sweetness that inspires feelings of warmth
Is blended with a powdery fragrance that evokes the soft, fluffy snow,
forming a snowy crystal floral fragrance available only in our holiday collection.

We captured the snow and the shimmer of love
exuding from a snow dome.
Face powder, eye color, mascara, and gloss featuring a limited-edition
design come together in a pure, sweet, limited-edition coffret.

A snow dome encapsulates a moment of happiness.
This limited-edition winter pouch will make your heart flutter every time you open it.
In stores November 2, 2018 Limited-edition item

white love story collection

7,500 yen (not including tax)

Kit Contents

Enjoy pure skin that's exceedingly translucent,
like the snow, with this highlight & face powder
that adds brightness.

snowy love drop face powder

A delectably snug fit and a sparkle like snow.
Six-color palette to adorn the eyes with diverse
colors and textures

snowy love drop eyes

For sweet lashes, like flowers blooming
in a snowy landscape. Mascara that intensifies
the look of the eyes with long-lasting,
upward curled lashes.

blooming blossom curl lash mascara S
05 holy night Night black invokes the warmth of the holy night

Add the sparkle and excitement of Christmas
lights to your lips. Lip gloss that sparkles
with colorful lame and rich luster.

jelly lip gloss S
13 sweet illumination A sparkling, illuminated pink