JILL STUART Holiday Collection limited items

In stores November 16, 2018

white love story

A winter wonderland where it seems as if even white breath will turn into snow.
The cold air is more crystalline than usual, accentuating the snow’s sparkle.
A happy mood builds with every new snowflake that piles up.
Lots of love and warmth spill out into the streets.

Christmas 2018 at JILLSTUART
A holiday collection filled with love, like a Christmas gift
chosen to delight family, friends, and loved ones.

Make this snow-like translucence yours,
and a romantic love story is sure to come your way.

Design and Fragrance

Designed in the image of a love story permeating
throughout the snow-covered city streets.
All of the items have a “secret heart” hidden inside.

A floral sweetness that inspires feelings of warmth
Is blended with a powdery fragrance that evokes the soft, fluffy snow,
forming a snowy crystal floral fragrance available only in our holiday collection.

Drape skin in the sparkle of snow, for a sparkling, translucent look.
Multi-purpose stick lets you add glow where you want it.

In stores November 16, 2018 Limited-edition item

twinkle glow multi stick

2 colors, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 twinkle twinkle Twinkling white like light
    reflecting off the glistening snow
    (*Main color)
  • 02 romantic moonlight Romantic pink that twinkles
    in the light of the moon

Adds a delicate twinkle, like snowflakes on your fingertips.
Sheer-looking pastel nail color.

In stores November 16, 2018 Limited-edition item

snowy pastel nails

5 colors, 1,500 yen each (not including tax)

  • 96 snow drop A pastel white that’s pretty
    like a drop of snow
    (*Main color)
  • 97 winter wonderland A pastel purple that’s magical
    like a snowy landscape
  • 98 aurora pink A pastel pink like
    the aurora
    coloring the night sky
  • 99 snowy sky A pastel blue
    like snow
    dancing in the sky
  • 100 candle night A pastel orange
    that twinkles
    like a flickering candle