JILL STUART 2019 Spring Collection

In stores January 4, 2019

spring popping shower

Bursting with color full of warm cheer. Cute and happy color
overflows as though a blank canvas was filled with all the hues of spring.

This spring, Jill Stuart brings a spring collection wrapped in
the myriad of cheerful colors of the season in full bloom.

Creates that happy, cute impression of cheeks with both glow
and fog that will bring out thoughts of a bright spring full of flowers.
Paint your eyes with pure colors that pop and makes your heart
flutter, with lips and nails to match. It’s time for a fresh “new you”.

Apply a glowing or foggy finish just how you like.
Two colors of cheek makeup for the exact finish you imagined.

In stores January 4, 2019 New Item

blend blush blossom

7 colors, including 2 limited-edition colors 4,500 yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 blooming bud Bright pink
    like the color
    of flowers in bloom
  • 02 sugary lollipop Sweet pink red
    like a lollipop
  • 03 happy sunny Bright orange pink
    of a happy mood
    on a sunny day
  • 04 good afternoon Pure pink
    like a pleasant moment
    in the afternoon
    (*Main color)
  • 05 new romantic Beige pink
    like the feeling
    of a new encounter
  • ★06 blissful time Lavender pink
    of a lovely moment
    in the spring
  • ★07 hello spring Overflowing blue pink
    that beckons spring
A blend of color and quality that is just for you.
Blend two fun types of cheek makeup as you like.
Create cute combinations of color that applies
exactly as it looks with two-color set; glow and foggy.
A fresh, two-color set perfect for spring in a single compact.
Easy-to-use glow colors with a lustrous finish and foggy colors with a crisp
and a soft finish are perfect for a variety of occasions, either by themselves or in combination.
Find the perfect finish that is
just right for you using
two different base textures of
oil and powder.
The oil base mixture is filled with oils
to deliver a moisturized, wet feeling
the second it is applied.
The ample amount of fine powder
in the powder base delivers a foggy and
sheer matte finish.
The two textures contained in the single
compact can be mixed to create
a brilliant finish just the way you like.
Cheek brush updated with two levels.
Create that exact impression
just the way you imagined
Slide the stone into position to easily adjust
the brush length in two levels.
Use the long setting for a soft light finish,
and the short setting for brighter finish.
This also makes it easier to apply highlight colors
or make detailed adjustments.
Apply a wide range of cheek makeup based
solely on how you use the brush.
How to makeup
Apply either of the colors to the center of your cheek then layer the other
in a large circle to produce cheeks with a finish more nuanced than a single color.
Luster: Apply A over B
Soft: Apply B over A
A colors 05 to 07 can be used as highlights.
Lightly apply to the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones or chin.

Bring out the bright colors of a warm, sunny day.
Five eye colors to make your eyes the cute colors of spring.

In stores January 4, 2019 Limited-edition Item

ribbon couture eyes

2 limited edition colors 5,000 yen each (not including tax)

  • ★20 happiness garden A yellow orange palette
    of a spring garden
    overflowing with happiness
  • ★21 floral basket A blue pink palette
    the color of a basket
    of spring flowers
    (*Main color)

Fresh color with quality luster in a single application.
Lipstick that sparkles like the spring sun.

In stores January 4, 2019 New Item

JILL STUART lip blossom

2 colors 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

  • 58 dolly petunia Lavender pink of lovely petunias
    (*Main color)
  • 59 happy primula Milky red color of primula
    overflowing with happiness

Like lips brushed with petals and imbued with color.
Lipstick with pure color and a semi-matte texture.

In stores January 4, 2019 New Item

lip blossom velvet

2 colors 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

  • 14 sweet sweet pea Pure pink like the
    adorable color of
    sweet peas (non-pearl)
  • 15 dressy scarlet Scarlet, romantic red (non-pearl)
    (*Main color)

Color that pops with the fresh, exciting colors of spring.
Nail colors for cheerful fingers.

In stores January 4, 2019 Limited-edition Item

JILL STUART nail lacquer R

10mL, 3 limited-edition colors 1,500 yen each (not including tax)

  • ★121 retro bike Yellow like that fresh,
    glistening feel of a bike
    ride in spring
    (*Main color)
  • ★122 petit jellybeans Bright pink purple
    like jelly beans
  • ★123 popping bloom Delicately sparkling blue
    overflowing with
    spring’s abundance

Colorful flowers bloom to paint canvas full of color.
Limited edition pouch created in the image of spring’s freshness.

In stores January 4, 2019 Limited-edition Item

(spring popping shower)

3,800 yen (not including tax)
*Size: Approx. W190 x H90 x D60mm


2019 Spring Collection Spring popping shower

Spring makeup hues of varied textures and bright colors

Ribbon Couture Eyes:
21 floral basket
Stay True Gel Eyeliner:
02 artistic brown
Lasting Curl Blossom Mascara WP:
01 pure black
Blend Blush Blossom:
04 good afternoon
Lip Blossom:
59 happy primula

How to makeup

  1. 1. Spread Ribbon Couture Eyes A across the entire eye from the inner corner across the eyelid with a fingertip or tip. Next, spread B from the inner corner of the eye to about the 2/3 across the eye, covering A. Finally, use E to draw a line from about the position of the pupil to the outer corner of the eye. Apply a thin layer of C to the lower lid.
  2. 2. Fill the space between the base of the eye lashes and the lashes with a thin layer of Stay True Gel Eyeliner.
  3. 3. Use Lasting Curl Blossom Mascara WP for a natural finish.
  1. 1. Set the included brush to the long bristles and use it to lightly apply Blend Blush Blossom B starting in the center of the cheek and working out.
  2. 2. Set the included brush to the short bristles and use it with A to create color gradation on the cheek around 1.

Apply Lip Blossom to the entire lip.

2019 JILL STUART Spring Collection

This season’s SS collection delivers a romantic, happy feel with dots
and flowers that dance on each item with the lightness of pastel colored chiffon and lace.
Airy fashion with on-trend check patterns, sheer fabrics and asymmetrical hem lines.
Perfectly JILL STUART textiles and silhouettes with lace-up boots
to evoke the image of an urban, romantic girl complete this girly vibe.

【Key word】
Floating polka dot
Irregular layered
Collects light