JILL STUART limited items & new item

In stores January 25, 2019

Strawberry valentine

Desserts arranged on lovely plates.
Cakes, parfaits, mousse, macaroons, cookies...
While there are so many wonderful sweet temptations,
it's the strawberry desserts that win every time.

With their intense ruby-red color and sweet smell,
just a bite is enough to fill us with happiness.

This year's valentine from JILL STUART
is inspired by the strawberry sweets that girls just love.
This collection is filled with the sweet fragrance and lovely look of strawberries,
so you can indulge your sweet tooth whenever you use it.

A fragrance inspired by a strawberry parfait.

Like the mint sprig that a parfait,
a leafy green scent adds freshness to the main strawberry fragrance,
while vanilla, nuts, musk, and powdery finish it off
with a gentle cream-like richness

It is a sweet fragrance that brings happiness,
like the moment you take a bite of a treat filled with bright red,
sweet strawberries.

With a whip cream-like lightness, and rich color with just one coat.
A liquid rouge that makes lips plump and glossy.

In stores January 25, 2019 Limited-edition item

strawberry whipped rouge

4 limited-edition colors, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

  • ★01 melty strawberry
    Vivid strawberry red
    (*Main color)
  • ★02 milk chocolate
    Pinkish brown like
    milk chocolate
  • ★03 sweet strawberry
    Strawberry pink like
    a sweet fruit
  • ★04 chocolate berry
    Pink brown like
    a mix of strawberrie
    s and chocolate
Liquid rouge that spreads like whipped cream,
making lips voluminous.
Just like whipped cream.
Spreads on light and smooth.
Formulated with supple Soft gel
and Melty Whip Ingredient.
Combining the two achieves a light
and soft texture just like
whipped cream.
Richly formulated with paste oils that
melt at body temperature,
the rouge glides smoothly the instant
it's applied.
Forms a lasting plump coating that
makes vertical lines less conspicuous.
Formulating soft Shift Gel and
paste oils creates a coating that
achieves plump and voluminous lips
without making vertical lines conspicuous.
Furthermore, a high formulation
of Fit Veil Ingredient
(not normally used in rouge)
boosts the product's adhesion to lips,
while oil gel agents keep
the finish looking freshly-applied
even over time.

Decorate your fingertips with the colors of sweets.
Nail polish in cute dessert-like colors.

In stores January 25, 2019 Limited-edition item

strawberry sweet nails

6mL, 6 limited-edition colors, 1,200 yen each (not including tax)

  • ★124 strawberry milkshakes Sweet milky pink
    like a strawberry
  • ★125 toffee strawberry Glossy strawberry red,
    like berries coated
    in a sugary syrup
    (*Main color)
  • ★126 condensed milk Milky white like
    sweet condensed milk
  • ★127 chocolate mousse Reddish brown like
    a chocolate mousse
  • ★128 strawberry whipped cream Baby pink like
    a strawberry
    whipped cream
    (*Main color)
  • ★129 strawberry smoothie Fresh pink like
    a strawberry smoothie

Treat your whole body to moisture and fresh strawberry-like fragrance.
Body milk that makes skin soft.

In stores January 25, 2019 Limited-edition item

JILL STUART sweety strawberry body milk

250mL, 3,000 yen (not including tax)


For hands as hydrated as a juicy strawberry.
Hand cream that gently wraps skin in a sweet scent.

In stores January 25, 2019 Limited-edition item

sweety strawberry hand cream

30g, 1,200 yen (not including tax)


Like strawberry cotton candy.
Loose-type blush that colors cheeks with sweet happiness.

In stores January 25, 2019 New colors

JILL STUART loose blush

2 colors, including 1 limited-edition color, 3,800 each (not including tax)

  • 07 strawberry factory Berry pink, packed
    full with strawberries
    (*Main color)
  • ★08 strawberry candy Milky pink like
    strawberry candy