JILL STUART 2019 Summer Collection

In stores April 5, 2019

Pink Bling

At a party, the mirror ball glitters and dazzles.
We're at a bouncy pink disco just for the girls.
Primped and glammed up a little more than usual,
we have a blast celebrating the new 'us' all thanks to pink.

Whether beneath the shining sun or on a dark night,
pink shines an aura of joy from our lips and nails.

This summer, JILL STUART presents point makeup
in strong pinks that dazzle and draw all the attention.

Cute and cool, fashionable with a hint of kitsch.
These pinks are what you've been dreaming of!
Find your own personal pink.

Go bold with a satin-like texture and metallic sparkle.
This shiny lipstick makes light your ally.

In stores April 5, 2019 New item

lip blossom shiny satin

10 colors, including 2 limited-edition colors,
2,800 yen each (not including tax)

The texture of supreme satin, and a metallic shine.
A new luxurious and fine-quality lip finish from JILL STUART.
From the Lip Blossom series comes Shiny Satin, newly formulated with Petal Satin Pearl.
Alongside the moist gloss of Lip Blossom and semi-matte texture of Lip Blossom Velvet,
enjoy the luxurious sparkle of Lip Blossom Shiny Satin.
The fine glow of satin created
with pink reflection:
The sparkle and gloss of lipstick is normally
created with scattered silver pearl,
but the Shiny Satin series uses
pink platelet pearl
that compliments skin tone.
This Petal Satin Pearl replicates a soft glow and
the feel of fine satin.
The gorgeous metallic shimmer, highlighted
with the sparkle of platelet pearl,
creates a loveliness that
is quintessentially JILL STUART.
Oils arrange pearl like satin cloth:
Original ingredient Glow Shine Oil improves
gloss and lipstick longevity,
while Fit Stay Oil creates a snug coating on lips
to perfectly arrange and
seal large amounts of pearl.
This further enhances the shine of platelet
Petal Satin Pearl, achieving
the beautiful texture of satin.
Also, having the oils adhere
smoothly prevents pearl
from entering vertical lip lines.
Oils create a satin-like radiance:
Layered on top of the pearl, Shiny Oil
enhances the refraction of light
to make Petal Satin Pearl
shine even more exquisitely.
When lips are touched by light, it emanates
a brilliant sparkle and gloss
for a satin-like beautiful finish.

With vivid color, gloss, and sparkle in alluring pink hues.
This nail color has both the beauty and excitement of jewelry.

In three new types with a revamped bottle design!
Dries faster, lasts longer, and comes in more varieties.
The new Nail Lacquer has a renewed design inspired by a woman wearing vintage jewelry.
The cap and bottle have been decorated with crystal cuts,
so it glitters gorgeously in the hand and looks great on a dresser.
Three finishes - bright color, pearl, and glitter - form a line-up with even more individuality.
Faster drying and longer wear!:
It dries faster than previous Nail Lacquer,
while the long-lasting formula also keeps
color looking fresh and beautiful.
Your favorite colors go on quickly and
can be enjoyed for longer.
High gloss and a thick coating for nails:
Our original Air Transparent Ingredient
achieves a finish with higher gloss and
clarity than ever before.
It glides on evenly and forms a thick coating
on nails with just one application.
In 30 pink colors to find your favorite shade!:
Decorate your nails in the vivid colors of JILL STUART
with this line-up of 30 pink hues.
With so many colors and finishes to choose from,
you're sure to find your perfect pink!

For a smooth sparkle like a coating of gemstones.
These base and topcoats enhance the beauty of nails.

In stores April 5, 2019 New item

treatment repairing base coat

7mL, 1 type, 1,500 yen (not including tax)

In stores April 5, 2019 New item

treatment crystal top coat

7mL, 2 types, 1,500 yen each (not including tax)


Get moisture care with the essence of flowers.
This nail oil beautifies nails and fingertips.

In stores April 5, 2019 New item

flower nail oil N

7mL, 1 type, 1,800 yen (not including tax)


Look ever more gorgeous with superior gradation.
These five-color shadow sets paint eyes with sophistication and sparkle.

In stores April 5, 2019 Limited-edition item

ribbon couture eyes

2 types, 5,000 yen each (not including tax)

  • ★22
    fairy dust
    Pink-brown set with assorted
    pearl that glitters like magic
    ※Main color
  • ★23
    pinky pop
    Pink set both pretty and cute,
    with exciting sparkling pearl

Imbue cheeks with the rush of a joyous moment.
This blush duo creates the radiance and color of excitement.

In stores April 5, 2019 Limited-edition item

blend blush blossom

2 types, 4,500 yen each (not including tax)


2019 Summer Collection

Ribbon Couture Eyes
22 fairy dust
Stay True Gel Liner
02 artistic brown
Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara
01 pure black
Blend Blush Blossom
09 time for fun
Lip Blossom Shiny Satin
01 fairy poppy
Nail Lacquer
112 sweet holiday
113 candy hunt
Nail Lacquer Dazzling Bijou
311 galaxy flower