JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Beloved Charm

In stores September 6, 2019

Crystal Bloom Beloved Charm

That dazzling yet fleeting moment between girlhood and maturity.
It has been five years since that special time was
first embodied in the Crystal Bloom fragrance.

The innocent and pure fragrances
brought to life by JILL STUART have made
these wondrous moments eternal with stories and flowers.

Celebrate this anniversary with 10 fragrances,
including "the most dear and beloved fragrance in the world",
Crystal Bloom Beloved Charm

Like mother's gentle affection that swaddled you
when you were young,this special fragrance
is filled with the sweetness of flower nectar,
and gives you secret strength like a protective charm.

Every movement, that charm softly wraps you in fragrance
that confers beloved joy and a sense of security.

Like those sweetly gentle moments wrapped in warm affection,
the most dear and beloved fragrance in the world.

In stores September 6, 2019 Limited-edition item

JILL STUART Crystal Bloom
Beloved Charm eau de parfum

50mL, 7,500 yen (not including tax)
/ 30mL, 5,500 yen (not including tax)


A bottle inspired by the sweetly fragrant nectar of flowering blossoms

The cap is decorated with a bouquet of three clear and pink flowers,
each with five petals, inspired by colorful blooming blossoms.

The base is decorated with a flower relief featuring pistils and stamens.

The glass bottle features a gradation from pink to gold
to evoke sweet and gently fragrant flower nectar.

Each is packaged in a quintessentially pink Crystal Bloom box
with a flower pattern, and features a special charm.
As the name "Beloved Charm" suggests, this charm
lets you carry fragrance wherever you go like a protective amulet.

Charm opens to reveal felt inside
that can be sprayed with fragrance.

A sweet and pure fragrance like the gentle scent of flower nectar.

At the top is a pure and somehow nostalgic flower garden note,
evoking the gardens of your childhood filled with beautiful flowers.

It emphasizes translucence with sweet pea, snow drop, and geranium.
The sweet charm middle note emerges gently, like the soft scent
little girls are born with.The Crystal Bloom nectar accord invites into
a soft and feminine world with a scent like fresh nectar,
accented with the rare and luxurious sweetness of
lily of the valley and Rose de Mai.

The base note of tender musk wraps in a protective gentleness
with lingering warmth and sweetness.The tulle accord is layered
with the noble fragrances of musk and cedarwood,
leaving behind a feeling of love and joy like being swathed
in a blanket by mother.

Fragrance accord: Floral Musky Accord


Pear, pink pepper★, geranium★, sweet pea*, snow drop*, edelweiss*


Lily of the valley, Rose de Mai★、fresia, Crystal Bloom nectar accord


Musk, cedarwood, osmanthus*★, tulle accord*

*Also used in Crystal Bloom
Underline: Key material ★Natural Fragrance

Message from the perfumer

This fragrance accents alluring pear with a hint of spice that brings out the lovely flower bouquet. The light scent of musk also brings to mind those memorable walks you've taken. In creating this fragrance, I revisited the world of magic and samurai, and imagined a wonderful hideaway surrounded by a garden of delicate flowers blooming in springtime.

(One of the world's top perfumers)

That wondrous moment, transformed into eternal radiance.
A special Crystal Bloom selection of five fragrances
to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

A special design that combines
packages from the past.

In stores September 6, 2019 Limited-edition item

JILL STUART Crystal Bloom
eau de parfum selection

5 types, 7.5mL each, 6,800 yen (not including tax)


Crystal Bloom
eau de parfum

The most lovely,
translucent fragrance in the world,
expressing a forever-radiant and
beautiful moment with flowers.

Floral Accord

Crystal Bloom
Beloved Charm
eau de parfum

The most dear and beloved
fragrance in the world,
like those sweetly gentle moments
wrapped in warm affection.

Musky Accord

Crystal Bloom
eau de parfum

The most beautiful and pure
fragrance in the world,
expressing the refinement
and cleanliness of snow.

Floral Accord

Crystal Bloom
eau de parfum

The gentlest and most
colorful fragrance in the world,
like flowers blooming
beneath glittering tree tops.

Breeze Accord

Crystal Bloom
Something Blue
eau de parfum

A pure fragrance like the soft
translucency of a wedding veil,
brimming with the most
blessed feeling in the world.

Something Blue
Bouquet Accord