JILL STUART Crystal Bloom
jelly bijou 06

In stores January 24th, 2020
Start of preorders January 10th, 2020

Crystal Bloom jelly bijou

Crystal Bloom 5th Anniversary year

It is an eau de parfum that expresses, with the fresh fragrance of flowers,
that pure and innocent moment between girlhood and maturity.

During this celebratory year, JILL STUART presents
a special gift for each of the 12 months.

This special item infuses the fragrances of
Crystal Bloom inside glittering jelly eye colors,
with all the loveliness of a bouquet.
Perfect for an anniversary, this lineup features
fragrances flowering once again especially for Jelly Bijou,
and original scents not found in Crystal Bloom.

Give yourself or someone special colors and fragrances that change
with the months, together with the secret language of flowers.
These lovely scents and their jewel-like sparkle will
set free the most beautiful and radiant smiles in the world.

The fresh scents of flowers and jewel-like sparkle.
Limited-edition eyeshadows with fragrance for your eyelids.

The pain and joy of a heart
that cannot forget
pinkish lavender

Will Miss You fragrance (original) Limited edition

JILL STUART Crystal Bloom jelly bijou 06 Will Miss You

Start of Preorders
:January 10th, 2020

Release Date
:January 24th, 2020

2,800 yen each (not including tax)


The repeat of hello and goodbyes. Suddenly that pain, now a comfortable pain, hits again. I can’t forget. I won’t forget. Always and forever, you will be my special person. A fragrance for the world's greatest pain, for the heart that cannot forget, yet still leaps at the thought of you.

Crystal Bloom jelly bijou
Limited release every month from September 2019 to July 2020