JILL STUART Holiday collection
palace dream collection

In stores October 29th, 2021
Start of preorders October 15th, 2021

Palace Drean

A luxurious palace stands elegantly in the endless desert.

As soon as you step foot inside,
you are met with the sight of beautiful, intricate sculptures,
lovely geometric tiles and a gorgeous chandelier
whose very presence awes and inspires.

Today, you are the smiling princess
who calls this desert palace home.

Don dazzling, luxurious makeup
with a lovely dress of soft satin and tulle
and glittering jewelry.

Enjoy your special day to the fullest
with the JILL STUART Holiday Collection.

Become a palace princess with dazzling, luxurious makeup.
Create dozens of makeup looks with our limited-edition single pouch coffret.

(Sugar Mint Tea scent) An oriental scent of sweet mint tea inspired by the
desert palace princess at tea time.
Fruity scents of apple and peach are paired with
floral scents of jasmine and ylang-ylang,
with accents of coriander, peppermint and patchouli.
Limited-edition item In stores October 29th, 2021 (Start of preorders October 15th, 2021)

JILL STUART Palace Dream Collection

8,250 yen (7,500 yen not including tax)

Collection Item

A highlight color and a cheek color for achieving the transparent glow and rosy complexion of the smiling princess herself.

Bloom Mix Blush Palace Dream

A: Highlight color Purple pink for a transparent glow
B: Cheek color Rose pink for a natural rosiness

This 8-color set offers both the luxurious dazzle
of shimmer and the fine luster of velvet.
Achieve the eyes of a pure and luxurious princess. (Includes applicator)

Eternal Couture Eyes Palace Dream

Eternal Couture Eyes Shimmer
C: Blue with sparkling blue and silver pearl
D: Gold with sparkling large-flecked gold pearl
G: Off-white with glittering gold pearl
I: Pink with sparkling pink, gold and silver pearl

Eternal Couture Eyes Velvet
E: Reddish brown with shimmering fine gold pearl
F: Neutral dark brown
H: Yellowish brown with shimmering fine gold pearl
J: Bordeaux red for a ladylike impression

Applies as smoothly and densely as nectar for long-lasting color.
Provides pure color to give lips a dewy transparency
perfect for a smile in full bloom.

Rouge Lip Blossom Palace Dream

Pink red (non-pearl)
inspired by the palace
princess’s dazzling smile.