JILL STUART Brilliant Jewel Sheer New item

In stores July 1st, 2022

Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet

For a short time at dawn on a clear day,
a beautiful gradient of blue to
pink appears in the western skies.

This softly vibrant moment of hope,
known as the Belt of Venus,
has been captured in a bottle.

Brilliant Jewel Eau de Toilette
is a fragrance that is the “light” that will make the jewel that is
you shine to its fullest potential.

A light and enjoyable new fragrance.

With hidden potential locked
within a wish that is sure to eventually
come true and shine brightly.

A clear, fresh fragrance of light
that brings out my full potential.

Limited-edition item In stores July 1st, 2022

JILL STUART Brilliant Jewel Sheer
Eau De Toilette

50mL 8,910 Yen (excl. tax 8,100 Yen) /
30mL 6,600 Yen (excl. tax 6,000 Yen)

A single box with a color gradation
inspired by the Belt of Venus.

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This is a special product by two leading perfumers in Paris,
France working with the same notes together.

Cécile Matton, creator of Brilliant Jewel Eau de Parfum,
and Mathilde Bijaoui, who has worked with many popular fragrance brands,
came together in this collaboration.

Message from the perfumer

Mathilde Bijaoui (left) / Cécile Matton (right)

Brilliant Jewel Sheer Eau de Toilette is inspired
by how jewels play with light and color.
Like the appearance of the Belt of Venus in a fresh, clear sky,
it changes in a gradation from blue to lilac then pink,
for a bright yet sensual impression.
Feel a timeless charm within that perpetually
remains through the ages.

I was thinking of the various flowers
that bloomed in the garden when I was a child,
fresh and glowing in the clear morning sun.
I tried to capture their alluring floral,
fruity and sparkling tones to create a scent that
lingers with gentle elegance.

Shared Accords

Brilliance accord

An original accord that awakens the soft inner glow within you.

Shines brilliantly from the scent’s top notes through its middle all the way to its base.

Fragrance Composition

The fragrance, inspired by the gentle light
emitted by a jewel bathed in the soft morning sun at dawn,
evolves beautifully from top to base notes like
the gradient effect of the Belt of Venus.

sheer light note

A scent like the brightness
of the skies at dawn,
lit by gentle rays of light.

lilac light note

An elegant,
and magical scent,
reminiscent of the
Belt of Venus at dawn.

brilliant clear light note

A scent that
spreads a warm purity
and radiance, like
the morning sunrise.

Fragrance Accords


Fresh fruits and graceful
flowering plants delicately
weave a gentle sweetness like
the fantastic glow of dawn.

A soft and fresh fragrance
of light that brings out one’s
never-before-seen potential.

sheer light note

Clean citrus notes such as bergamot
are joined by lush pear to create a clear,
sparkling scent that spreads gently.

Bergamot, watery pear, violet leaf

lilac light note

Gorgeous aromas of rose, aqua jasmine, muguet,
and freesia layer with the top note, harmoniously blending light,
soft sweetness and clean transparency.

Rose, aqua jasmine, muguet, freesia, lilac, magnolia,
Clean Accord

brilliant clear light note

The Brilliance Accord, which creates
a clean and gentle sweetness,
is blended with elegant and addictive notes
of cedarwood and vanilla to produce a
clean radiance that spreads throughout and fades
into a mellow, warm and sweet base.

Brilliance Accord (heliotrope, amber, moss), cedarwood,
vanilla, musk

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