Smooth & Oil Control Essence

Smooth & Oil Control Essence

A single application smoothly slides on for instantly silky skin.
A paste beauty serum that maintains half matte skin free from shininess and slippage.

In stores July 7, 2017 Limited edition
JILL STUART Smooth & Oil Control Essence
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4g 2,800 Yen (not including tax)

Product features:
・A smooth, single application for skin with pore concerns. A paste beauty serum that creates a uniform layer while instantly transforming into a silky smooth powder to hide pores.
・Spreads smoothly with a light touch, providing perfect coverage exactly where you desire it. Creates a uniform layer while preventing uneven foundation, heightening its application and hold.
・A variety of powders smaller than skin pores provide flat coverage over the unevenness of pores. A new formulation of lipid absorption silky smooth maintenance powder and organic cotton powder prevents patches of shininess due to lipids and makeup slippage, maintaining half matte skin.
・A light pink base that blends well with the skin naturally covers the appearance of pores and brings you bright skin.
・Refreshing Fresh Fruit Cocktail Fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Use as the final step in your skin care routine or before applying your makeup base.
・You can also use it over your foundation.
・Take a small amount on your fingertip and thinly, evenly apply across any areas of pore concern.

Beauty Essences:
Moisturizers: Kiwi extract, Starfruit extract, Camu camu extract, Chinese quince extract, Squalane
Lipid absorption silky smooth maintenance powder
Organic cotton powder (silky smooth skin)
*Starfruit extract is Averrhoa leaf extract, Camu camu extract is Myrciaria dubia fruit extract, Lipid absorption silky smooth maintenance powder is Silica, and the Organic cotton powder is Cellulose.