Ribbon Couture Eyes (In stores September 1, 2017)

Ribbon Couture Eyes (In stores September 1, 2017)

Dive into the fall mood with deep reds.
A set of five eye colors for a sophisticated gaze.

In stores September 1, 2017
JILL STUART Ribbon Couture Eyes
1 new set, 5,000 Yen (not including tax)

19 rustic angora
A red & brick red set with a warmth like the gentle eyes of an angora rabbit *Main color

Product features:
・A five-color set with four easy-to-use "gradient colors" and one highlight, letting you create designs that pop with ribboning effects. Features new red colors with stunning depth.
・Includes a delicate shimmery pink beige, warm beige, brick red, dark brown with glittering gold pearl, and deep red.
・Formulated with a blend of emollient ingredients and elastic powder, enveloped in rich beauty oils. Velvety light and superbly smooth application feels great on your skin, leaving a uniform finish that feels close and comfortable.
・Richly formulated with highly-translucent powder. Creates clear and beautiful eye color. Texture is feminine and lustrous.
・Two double-ended tips make gradated application easy. Create a beautiful finish using the large tip for the base color, medium tip for nuanced coloring, and small tip for shading and ribbon colors.
・The cute and feminine compact design features two personalities: a sharp square-edged sophistication, and the femininity of a silver "Ribbon Couture" icon accessory. The compact is decorated with glittering beads and an octagon-cut stone imprinted with an arabesque tiara.
・When you open the compact, the four gradation colors are embossed with an arabesque relief, while the ribbon color has a raised ribbon relief.
・Essence-in base provides continuous smooth texture and highly translucent color.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Apply the A "eye base" with a fingertip or the provided tip. Next apply the B and/or C "nuance color" around the eyes. After creating gradation using "shading color" D, add "ribbon color" E to the edges of eyes for a gorgeous finish.

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