Makeup Puff LP

Makeup Puff LP

Coated in hyaluronic acid, so it's incredibly soft and light on skin.
A loose powder puff that applies powder evenly to achieve a beautiful finish.

In stores April 20, 2018
600 Yen (not including tax)

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Product features:
・With soft fur that feels gentle on skin, and an airy thickness. This supremely comfortable puff adds a delicate translucence to every finish.
・Coated in hyaluronic acid to give it a smooth and moist touch when applying.
・It's 3mm thicker than our existing Loose Powder N. This extra thickness helps create an airy, beautiful makeup layer without exerting extra pressure.

Directions for use:
・Insert a finger into the ribbon and press the puff against the mesh to add some powder. Test intensity on the back of your hand and apply.
※If too much powder has come out, rotate the puff on top of the mesh to remove it before applying.
※If puff becomes soiled, wash it by lightly pressing the surface in water mixed with diluted detergent. Rinse well, remove excess water, and allow to dry completely out of direct sunlight.