Crystal Bloom Moonlight Magic perfumed hand cream

Crystal Bloom Moonlight Magic perfumed hand cream

In stores December 7, 2018, Limited Edition
JILLSTUART  Crystal Bloom Moonlight Magic perfumed hand cream
40g, 2,400 yen (not including tax)

Product features:
・ Perfumed hand cream that brings the soft, gentle fragrance of Crystal Bloom Moonlight Magic eau de parfum to the hands.
・ A combination of oil and fragrance perfectly suited to the skin to wrap your hands in smoothness.
Adds smoothness and elasticity with a silky touch.
・ Contains jasmine, gardenia and other beautifying ingredients that deliver high-quality moisture to the hands.
The fragrance seems to melt into the hands, delivery moisture and clarity.

Directions for use:
・ Take a small amount into your palm and spread on the hands.

Beatifying ingredients:
・ Moisturizing ingredients: Combination of jasmine extract, gardenia extract, Madonna lily extract, edelweiss extract, damask rose extract and glycerin.
*Jasmine extract is Jasminum sambac extract, gardenia extract is Gardenia jasminoides extract, Madonna lily extract is Madonna lily root extract, edelweiss extract is edelweiss flower/leaf extract, damask rose extract is damask rose petal extract.