Mix Blush Compact N (In stores February 22, 2019)

Mix Blush Compact N (In stores February 22, 2019)

For a soft blush of color, blooming like cherry blossoms.
Four adorable shades of cherry-blossom pink to grace your cheeks.

In stores February 22, 2019 Limited-design item
JILLSTUART mix blush compact N
4 colors x 1 type 4,500 yen (not including tax)

02 Fresh Apricot
Orange-pink for a bright, fresh look.

Product features:
・Blush in four different colors and types, to combine as you like. For an innocent, rosy complexion with a soft and airy finish.
・It’s a powder, that’s soft. Contains beauty essence so it melts into the skin, and feels smooth to the touch. Melting wax makes sure the powder adheres closely and evenly, and melts into the skin.
・The semi-matte blush gives a soft, gentle look.
・The compact design has a pale pink body edged with embroidery lace.
Comes with a custom brush that’s gentle on the skin.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Swirl the brush over the product then test on the back of the hand before blending into the skin.

☆Explanation of box
Patterned with embroidered lace on pale pink with a cherry blossom pattern.

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