Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Glossy hair is always in style. A botanical hair oil
that coats each individual strand and is perfect for pre-styling.

In stores May 31, 2019
White Floral / Roses / Blooming Pear
60mL, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

Product features:
・Natural cuticle coating ingredient (macadamia nut oil) and other care ingredients coat each strand, softening the surface of hair.
・Thoroughly cares for the surface of hair, so light reflects beautifully to give hair glossy shine.
・Six botanical oils, including argan, almond, and avocado, make hair soft and supple while hydrating to protect from dryness.
・Spreads on hair evenly, giving it a silky texture that doesn't feel oily. Hair is kept moisturized, but doesn't feel sticky.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free / Paraben free

Directions for use:
・Add a small amount into your palm and, on dry or damp hair, work oil in paying special attention to the tips. When using together with Hair Mist, apply the oil first.

Beauty essences:
In all three types (White Floral, Roses, Blooming Pear)
・Moisturizers: Argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil, candlenut oil, virgin coconut oil, cacao butter
Contains cuticle coating ingredient
Argan oil is Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, virgin coconut oil is palm oil, cuticle coating ingredient is macadamia nut oil.