Fabric Softener White Floral

Fabric Softener White Floral

Leave your clothes feeling soft and smelling sweet.
A fabric softener that leaves you happy from washing to wearing.

In stores October 1st, 2021 - New item
JILL STUART Fabric Softener White Floral
600mL 2,750 yen (2,500 yen not including tax)

Product features:
・This fabric softener leaves clothes soft and fluffy with a gentle sweet scent.
・Our White Floral fragrance now comes in fabric softener form.
・Formulated with natural plant-derived softening ingredients.
It is also additive-free, with no optical brighteners, bleaching agents, colorants, or mineral oil, for a natural finish that is comfortable on bare skin.
・Non-silicon and environmentally friendly quality design.
・Contains antibacterial and deodorizing ingredients to prevent room-drying odors.
・Can also be used in drum-type washing machines.
・Paraben free.

Directions for use:
・If using an automatic washing machine, add product to the automatic softener slot before starting wash cycle.
・If using a two-tank washing machine or wash basin, add product after the rinse water is clean and spin or boil for about 3 minutes before drying.

* In the case of a drum-type washing machine, measure the amount according to laundry load amount.
* Adjust the amount used according to your preference.