Eternal Couture Eyes Shimmer Petal Glow

Eternal Couture Eyes Shimmer Petal Glow

Pure, pearly translucence and luxurious sparkle.
4 limited-edition eye colors for the summer that are fresh and exciting with every blink.

In stores April 2nd, 2021 - Limited-edition item
JILL STUART eternal couture eyes shimmer petal glow
2 types 5,500 yen each (5,000 yen not including tax)

11 evening sunstone
A warm orange palette like a sparkling jewel reflecting the setting sun
12 crystal hydrangea
A purple palette inspired by the beauty of raindrops glistening on hydrangea petals
*Main color

Product features:
・Grants eyes the excitement and sparkle of wearing pearls. Introducing 4 fresh and summery limited-edition colors of shimmer-type eyeshadow that go on clear to give lids fine luster and depth.
・Base has translucence like a layer of pearl, bringing out a delicate and rich pearl-like shimmer that creates luxuriously radiant gradation.
・Formulated with Eternal Pearl* made of powdered pearl to provide a fine-quality luster.
・Inspired by vintage jewelry boxes, the eye color case features a limited-edition design of soft, watercolor-like jewels on the top.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.
*Eternal Pearl is pearl, mica, titanium dioxide.

Beauty essences:
・For moisture: rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil formula

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