Brilliant Jewel Perfumed Hand Cream

Brilliant Jewel Perfumed Hand Cream

The scent of Brilliiant Jewel starts at the fingertips.
A hand cream for moist, smooth, bright and lustrous hands.

In stores December 3rd, 2021 New item
JILL STUART Brilliant Jewel Perfumed Hand Cream
40g 2,860 yen (2,600 yen excluding tax)

Product Details:
・With its fresh and smooth texture, this hand cream is highly penetrating and melts into the skin as if to become one.
・Richly blended with moisturizing oils and moisturizers. This product is rich in moisturizing oils and moisturizers, and helps to improve the skin's elasticity in winter, when dryness is a concern, while giving it a bright, natural luster.
・The Brilliant Jewel Eau de Parfum scent softly envelops you from your fingertips and can be used as a light fragrance.
・Formulated with 7 beauty ingredients that bring the glow of moisture to the skin.
・Paraben free.

・The design evokes the high quality and delicacy befitting a wellness item while expressing the theme of the fragrance.
・A large crystal on the top of the cap adds a touch of luxury to your personal care time.

Beauty ingredients:
・Moisturizers: Camellia oil, calendula extract, sunflower seed oil, eucalyptus extract, mallow extract, cornflower extract, garden thyme extract, glycerin
Camellia oil is camellia flower oil, calendula extract is Calendula officinalis flower extract, eucalpytus extract is eucalyptus leaf extract, mallow extract is Malva mauritiana L. flower extract, cornflower extract is Centaurea cyanus flower extract, garden thyme extract is Thymus vulgaris flower/leaf/stem extract.