Glow in Oil Loose Powder

				Glow in Oil Loose Powder

Melts into the skin at the touch, creating a clear and glowing look.
Oil in loose powder formulated with plenty of Beauty Oil*.

In stores September 3rd, 2021 - New item
JILL STUART Glow in Oil Loose Powder
2 types 15g 4,950 yen each (4,500 yen not including tax)

01 natural glow
Natural beige (gold and silver pearl and beautiful shine)
Main color
02 lucent lavender
Lucent lavender (purple and silver pearl and elegant shine)

Product features:
・Melts into the skin and leaves it feeling moisturized with the highly moisturizing effects of the four organic essences
(jojoba oil, shea butter, murumuru butter, and Japanese rose extract).
・Glow Diamond Powder, made of crushed diamonds, gives a delicate glow, while Crystal Glow Pearl provides a bright and even shine.
・The sebum-absorbing spherical powder absorbs sebum and keeps the skin smooth for a long time.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.

・The entire cap is finished with a pearl texture to evoke the image of glowing skin.
The clear crystals and puff ribbon are in a white color specially made for this release, representing a loveliness that is elegant and sophisticated.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil, 4 types of organic essences (jojoba oil, shea butter, murumuru butter, Japanese rose extract)
Rosemary extract is rosemary leaf extract, jojoba oil is jojoba seed oil, murumuru butter is Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, Japanese rose extract is Rosa multiflora fruit extract.
・Shine agents: Glow Diamond Powder, Crystal Glow Pearl
Glow Diamond Powder is crushed diamond powder, Crystal Glow Pearl is mica / titanium oxide.
Comes with an original puff applicator comfortable on the skin.