Rouge Case Sunset Promenade

Rouge Case Sunset Promenade

Crystals that shine like the beautiful sky blue of dusk.
Limited edition rouge case exclusive to the collection.

August 1st, 2022 - Limited Item
JILL STUART Rouge Case Sunset Promenade
2 colors 1,540 yen each (1,400 yen not including tax)

01 flamingo sky
Cool sunset colors transitioning from pink to purple
Main color

02 apricot sky
The warm color of sunset, from yellow into orange

Product features:
・Rouge case exclusively for Rouge Lip Jewel Gemmy Satin.
Two sunset colors inspired by the beautifully changing colors of dusk are now available as limited edition items.
・Design features a large oblong crystal as an emblem.
The oblong crystal opens to reveal a mirror.