Rouge Lip Blossom

Rouge Lip Blossom

Applies as smoothly and densely as nectar for long-lasting color.
Autumn-colored lip blossom gives your lips a touch of class.

In stores August 6th, 2021 - New colors
JILL STUART Rouge Lip Blossom
5 colors 3,080 yen each (2,800 yen not including tax)

124 shades
pincushion flower
A pink beige with the warmth of a pincushion flower.
125 shades
rose emperor
A rose pink as graceful as the rose emperor.
212 shades
night verbena
A dark brown red like the verbena that blooms at night.
213 shades
candle lantana
A terracotta orange like candlelit lantana.
214 shades
poetic amaryllis
A natural red, deep and romantic like the amaryllis.
*Main color

Product features:
・Application so smooth it’ll surprise you, with a rich and glossy finish.
Five new fall colors inspired by the Sign of Blush theme are now available.
・Formulated with botanical wax for high adhesion.
In addition to its moisturizing and long-lasting effects, it provides a smoother application experience, a clear color and a dense, glossy nectar-like texture.
・The jewel-cut lipstick tip is stamped with the J monogram logo for a lovelier design that stirs excitement with every application.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

・The dignified beauty of a single flower.
Crystals and flower engravings adorn the body in a vintage modern style.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil
・Adhesives: Botanical wax
Botanical wax is candelilla wax hydrocarbon.
A small mirror acts as a window to reveal the lipstick color within when lifted.

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  • 125
  • 212
  • 213
  • 214