Deodorant Stick Citrus White Floral [quasi-drug product]

Deodorant Stick Citrus White Floral [quasi-drug product]

A sweet and refreshing scent for anytime, anywhere.
A medicated deodorant stick to take care of all your concerns for summer.

In stores June 18th, 2021 - Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Deodorant Stick Citrus White Floral [quasi-drug product]
20g 2,200 yen (2,000 yen not including tax)

Product features:
・This deodorant stick is easy to use, even on busy mornings.
With a sweet and refreshing JILLSTUART scent, it helps to control perspiration and odor.
・Formulated with alum as an active ingredient, which has an antiperspirant effect.
Highly effective at deodorizing.
・Contains Smoothing Powder* that keeps skin sticky from sweat and sebum smooth.
Spreads easily while adhering well to the skin, instantly smoothing out.
Maintains a feeling of smoothness throughout the day.
・Envelops the skin in a soft veil that is not easily broken down by sweat or sebum, providing a long-lasting deodorizing effect.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Citrus White Floral scent.
*Smoothing Powder is silicic acid anhydride.

Directions for use:
・Rotate the lower part of the stick and dispense about 5mm of product. Spread evenly over clean, dry skin.

Beauty essences:
・Antiperspirant ingredient: alum
Alum is dried potassium aluminum sulfate.
・Moisturizer ingredients: Lemon extract, tallow extract, madonna lily extract, kukui nut oil, virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, cetyl 2-ethylhexanoate
Madonna lily extract is lilium candidum extract.