Eternal Couture Eyes Shimmer

Eternal Couture Eyes Shimmer

A pearl-like, pure, translucent look and luxurious shimmer.
Four eye colors to craft eyes that sparkle every time you blink.

In stores August 2, 2019 New product
JILL STUART Eternal Couture Eyes Shimmer
5 types, including 1 limited-edition type, 5,000 yen each (not including tax)

01 everlasting memories
This day's joy, just like that moment’s sadness, made you who you are today. Those events in life that are essential to weaving the fabric of your life.
02 last kiss
Your last partner, whom you found precisely because you were so dearly loved. The kiss of a lifetime, one that will always bring a smile to your face.
03 timeless joy
Treasured times spent together, both good and bad. A lifelong friend you want to laugh alongside forever.
04 morning wish
A breathtakingly beautiful morning, as you fill your lungs with the crisp, fresh air. An eternal morning, as you vow to cherish the here and now of every day.
※Main color
★05 eternal pearl
The necklace your mother gave you, awaiting the day you can give it to your own daughter... Lifelong pearls, emitting a graceful shine in a jewelry box.

★Limited-edition color

Product features:
・Give your eyelids the same excitement and sparkle as the instant you put on pearls. With bright, clear coloring, this shimmery eye color in four shades adds a premium translucence and luxurious shimmer to your eyes.
・The base has a translucent look like mother-of-pearl, bringing out the delicate, rich sparkle of frost to enable gradation with a luxurious shimmer.
・Contains Eternal pearl, pearl in powder form that creates a premium, lustrous look. *Eternal pearl consists of frost, mica, and titanium oxide.
・Contains no alcohol (ethyl alcohol) or paraben.
・The eye color case is made in the image of a vintage jewelry box, embellished with cut crystal that emits a gem-like sparkle.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Beauty essences:
・Contains rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil (moisturizer)

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