Lip & Hand Care Gift Collection

Lip & Hand Care Gift Collection

December 6th, 2019 Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Lip & Hand Care Gift Collection
White Floral/ Roses/ Blooming Pear
(Hand Cream 22g/ Lip Balm 7g)
3,000 yen each (not including tax)

Product Features:
Our popular Lip Balm and Hand Cream are now available in cases resembling jewelry boxes.
Adorned with crystals symbolizing “Diamond Time,” the case also has new coloring for each of the 3 fragrances.
This limited-edition collection is borne of our desire for both your lips and your hands to be richly hydrated and shine bright like diamonds.

Made in the image of a jewelry box, jam-packed with the gleam and glitter of diamonds.
The sense of depth and feeling of being pulled in when you peek inside a jewelry box is portrayed in a watercolor style, all in a geometric design depicting the sparkle of a diamond cut.
The lid is adorned with a crystal part symbolizing “Diamond Time” and an original embossed finish.
Even after you've used up your lip balm and hand cream, you can enjoy using the case as an accessory box.
We’ve assembled cute collections for each fragrance that will make you want all 3.

Set Contents:

For irresistibly touchable, hydrated skin.
A hand cream infused with botanical beauty ingredients and the fresh fragrances of flowers.

White Floral/ Roses/ Blooming Pear
3 types 22g each

・Formulated with several different kinds of botanical oils, and oils that melt lusciously at near body temperature.
・Packed with superfood blessings like raspberry and blackcurrant extracts. It's formulated with specially selected moisturizers, some fresh and lightweight, others rich and creamy, like virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter.
・Now available in a Gift Collection original size.

Packed with beautifying oils. A lip balm that protects against dryness and roughness, for plump and luscious lips.

White Floral/ Roses/ Blooming Pear
3 types 7g each

・Formulated with an ideal balance of incredibly glossy high-viscosity oils and smoothly spreadable low-viscosity oils. This makes lips lustrously glossy yet ensures a light and non-sticky texture.
・High-viscosity oils trap moisture securely inside and remain on the surface of lips, providing long-lasting hydration and care.
・Formulated with argan, almond, avocado and other oils to keep lips beautiful and hydrated.

  • White
  • Roses
  • Blooming