Rouge Tint - In - Dream

Rouge Tint - In - Dream

A tinted lip rouge you'll want to leave on that special someone's cheek!
Tint-in-dream keeps your lips looking flawless at every moment.

In stores November 30th, 2019 New item
JILL STUART rouge tint - in - dream
7 colors, including 1 limited-edition color, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)

01 I’ll be
A deep red that will transform you into the ideal “you”
*Main color
02 seductive romance
Pinkish pearls for a seductive, romantic look
03 happy encounter
A medium red for a happy encounter that will make your heart skip a beat
04 sweet rendezvous
A pinkish brown for sweet moments together
05 believe in myself
A one-of-a-kind beige pink to let your beauty shine through
06 mature girl
A purplish beige to show that you're a lady
★07 in my dream
A tulle black for a dreamlike holiday

★Limited-edition color

Product features:
・This tinted lipstick is your best friend in those moments when you need a boost of confidence. With a beautiful color and a texture as smooth as lip cream, this lipstick gives your lips an irresistible color and luster at every moment.
・The pigment has been carefully calculated with vividness and staying power in mind, for a fresh finish that lasts. Fading is kept to a minimum to keep your lips looking perfect for longer.
・The range of colors are perfect for every scene, whether you're going to a party, on a date or just going about your daily life. Color 07, the limited edition color, adds a dark, smoky look, giving a new nuance to your lipstick collection.
・Slim design fits easily in a clutch.
・ Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) and paraben free
・Sensual Crystal Floral fragrance.

・The minimalist black design exudes the sophistication that My Black Dress is known for. The grip has an innovative design reminiscent of a big diamond you might see on an engagement ring.

Beauty essences:
・Formulated with camellia oil, lavender oil and avocado oil (moisturizer)
・Formulated with oil to lock in moisture
*The camellia oil is from the seed. The oil to lock in moisture is phytosteryl/isostearyl/cetyl/behenyl dimer dilinoleate.

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