Something Pure Blue Diamond Glaze Lip Balm

				Something Pure Blue Diamond Glaze Lip Balm

Adjust the sheen of your lips with pearl and glitter while caring for your lips.
A treatment lip balm for lips that await true love’s kiss.

In stores April 24th, 2020 Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Something Pure Blue Diamond Glaze Lip Balm
7g 2,400 yen (not including tax)

Product features:
・Lip balm with a beautiful diamond shining at its center. Enhance the lips with as much sparkle and shine as you wish while protecting them from dryness. Packed with fine glitter without leaving a grainy feeling and can be applied after lipstick for greater shine.
・Beautiful clear blue glows softly inside pure white. This two layer balm satisfies both cosmetic and lip care needs. The outer white layer functions as a moisturizing treatment balm for the lips (non-pearl). The center hexagonal layer functions as a 'diamond glaze’ for the lips that imparts sparkle and shine with blue, pink and silver pearl.
・The body is imprinted with the JILL STUART logo and a ribbon design in silver. The cap features a beautiful arabesque design with a limited-edition blue Swarovski® crystal.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Limited-edition Something Blue Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
With a fingertip, apply treatment balm layer all over the lips, then follow up with the diamond glaze layer in the areas where enhanced shine is desired.
*The treatment balm and diamond glaze layers can also be used on their own.

Beauty essences:
・Damascus rose extract, Edelweiss extract, Peony extract, Madonna lily extract, Camellia oil, squalane (moisturizing)
・Contains diamond glaze pearl
Damascus rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract, edelweiss extract is Leontopodium alpinum flower/leaf extract, peony extract is Paeonia lactiflora extract, Madonna lily extract is Lilium candidum bulb extract, camellia oil is Camellia japonica seed oil, and diamond glaze pearl is synthetic phlogopite/titanium oxide.