Princess Look Liquid Eyeshadow

Princess Look Liquid Eyeshadow

No matter who you meet, it’s love at first sight.
Liquid eye color with a powdery finish.

In stores November 15, 2019 Limited-edition item
JILL STUART princess look liquid eyeshadow
4 limited-edition colors, 2,500 yen each (not including tax)

01 rose sachet
The fluttering vivid scent of roses in antique rose.
※Main color
02 antique dress
The warm elegance vintage dress in mocha beige.
03 fluffy blanket
The comfort of a soft blanket in ash beige.
04 bijou lace
The glittering color and sparkle in gold beige.

Product features:
・A lineup of browns, beiges and rosy colors suitable for any occasion. Rich pearl blend imparts a fine glow and dewiness to the eyes for those princess doe eyes.
・Sits close to the skin, fine and moist to the touch. Applies with a smooth powdery finish for beautifully colored eyes.
・Use one color on its own or in combination with the colors you already own. Bring your eye makeup to the next level of glamor with luxurious radiance.
・Applicator is gently curved in a shape that makes for easy and precise application on the eyelid. Please use the curved side to match the eyelid.
・Collection exclusive Sweet Urban Princess fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Use the included applicators to apply throughout the eyelid area and spread evenly with a fingertip.
・Tap gently with a finger to set each color after applying when layering.

Beauty essences:
・Gardenia extract, Damascus rose extract, jojoba oil (moisturizer)
* Gardenia extract is Gardenia jasminoides root extract, Damask rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract, jojoba oil is jojoba seed oil.

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