Royal & Urban Princess Collection

Royal & Urban Princess Collection

The apple of everyone's eye, every day is full of excitement with the Urban Princess’s favorites.
Fall in love with the limited-edition vintage pink coffret.

In stores November 1, 2019 Limited-edition item
JILL STUART royal & urban princess collection
7,500 yen (not including tax)

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JILL STUART her favorite eyes
JILL STUART her favorite gel eyeliner
JILL STUART her favorite lip gloss
JILL STUART her favorite face powder

JILLSTUART her favorite eyes

An eyeshadow palette for creating alluring eyes that captivate with just a glance. A 6-color set with pinks, browns and a smoky pink accent. (Includes two applicators.)

JILLSTUART her favorite gel eyeliner

An eyeliner to bring out a feminine doe eye. Burgundy red softens the eyes to bring out a lovely elegance.

JILLSTUART her favorite lip gloss

Lip gloss with brilliant color, for she who is always laughing and smiling. The delicate allure of vintage pink for voluminous, lovely lips.

JILLSTUART her favorite face powder

Highlighter and face powder that complement her relaxed, natural beauty. Pale pink powder blends easily into the skin to give a dewy blushing glow.

Limited-edition pouch

Product features:
・A holiday collection based on chic vintage designs and pink tones. This limited-edition winter set includes a pouch, eyeshadow, gel eyeliner, lip gloss and face color products.
・The pouch is inspired by the Urban Princess’s vintage dresses, with a floral pattern on high-quality satin and layered tulle with lamé. Graceful, feminine design with velour ribbon accents and a J logo charm.
・Each item's packaging also evokes the image of the delicate lace and floral details of a vintage dress. A smoky-colored body imparts a lovely, refined image.
・Collection exclusive Sweet Urban Princess fragrance. * Gel eyeliner not included

Beauty essences:
・Gardenia extract, Damask rose extract, shea butter (moisturizer) * Eye color, face powder, lip gloss only
・Jojoba oil, shea butter (moisturizer) * Gel eyeliner only
* Gardenia extract is Gardenia jasminoides root extract, Damask rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract, jojoba oil is jojoba seed oil.