Stay True Gel Eye Liner

Stay True Gel Eye Liner

Introducing new neutral and natural basic shades.
Long-lasting gel eye liner that stays as defined as when just applied.

In stores July 2nd, 2021 - New colors
JILL STUART Stay True Gel Eye Liner
2 colors 2,530 yen each (2,300 yen not including tax)

09 couture black
A black with reddish undertones.
10 tulle brown
A brown with rosy pink undertones.
*Main color

Product features:
・Two new neutral basic shades have been added to our line of gel eye liners, which are soft to the touch and allow for easy and flexible application of even the finest details.
・Good color payoff that is rich in pigment.
Adheres well to the skin and imparts true color to the eye area with a sophisticated luster.
・Formulated with large amounts of smoothing oils, the liner draws on smoothly and with ease.
・Waterproof, smudge-proof formulation.
Resistant to rubbing, sweat, water and tears and stays put even at your most active.
Long-lasting, beautiful semi-matte finish.
・Easy-to-use twist-type dispenser.
・The slim black body is adorned with an arabesque design that evokes imagery of delicate lines, while cap design represent eyes that twinkle like flower blooms.

Directions for use:
・Dispense about 2mm of product and apply along the lash line.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil
Crystals sparkle on the cap for a beautiful effect in the hands.

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