JILL STUART RELAX® Summer Collection Limited items

In Stores April 7, 2017

Flowery Picnic

Oh, those ever-so-slightly mean rays of the sun!
Just trying to have a lovely picnic might mean that you get burned.
You need reassuring UV protecting that can withstand ultraviolet rays
and the natural sweat of summer.
For a smooth skin sensation and with a white floral fragrance,
you can stay cute and charming no matter the timing.

You can also find yourself overlooking dryness care during the summertime.
Before air conditioning or strong sunlight can steal the moisture from your skin
use a mist rich in hyaluronic acid to refresh your hair, your skin, and your mood.

Just being yourself, so cutely. You don’t want to hide behind a parasol or hat.
JILL STUART’s summer care items
will allow you to enjoy a natural summer, surrounded in a moisturizing veil.

A light veil applied with a mellow sensation.
A milk type sun block that protects you from ultraviolet rays while maintaining a moisture-filled translucency across your skin.

In stores April 7, 2017 Limited edition

Aqua Chiffon Protector Waterproof

50mL, 2,800 Yen (not including tax)


For your face, your hair, and your body.
Mist lotion that envelops your entire body with
a wonderful fragrance and moisture.

In stores April 7, 2017 Limited edition

JILL STUART Everything Mist

200mL, 3,000 Yen (not including tax)