JILL STUART Skincare Limited items

In stores July 7, 2017

Fresh fruit cocktail

You love the summer, and want to spend this glorious season
steeped in even more luxurious comfort.
That’s why you should bring the vitamin power and
moisture of fruit to your sun-exposed skin.
Super refreshing skincare items now appear, packed with the blessings of kiwi,
lemon, starfruit and more, like a brilliant summer cocktail for your body.
Surrounded in a sweetly tart, fruity fragrance, keep your skin at
its best through all the scintillating rigors of summer.
Turn the glittering sun into your ally and fully enjoy this wonderful season.

Fragrance and Design

“Fresh Fruit Cocktail Fragrance”
This sweetly tart, refreshing fragrance will fill body and mind with energy, packed with vitamin-rich fresh fruit like kiwi, lemon and orange to create a wonderful fruit cocktail.

The lemon yellow, refreshing cut-fruit package design is as cute and gorgeous as freshly plucked fruit. The arabesque patterning is intertwined with kiwi and lemon, creating a superlative limited-edition feel.

The blessings of fruit resolve even pore concerns.
Mist lotion that maintains silky smooth skin.

In stores July 7, 2017 Limited edition

Fruit & Aroma Mist
Refresh Oil Control

〈Astringent Lotion〉
60mL 2,200 yen (not including tax)


A single application smoothly slides on for instantly silky skin.
A paste beauty serum that maintains half matte skin free from shininess and slippage.

In stores July 7, 2017 Limited edition

Smooth & Oil Control Essence

〈Paste Beauty Serum〉
4g 2,800 yen (not including tax)


A gentle massage with an all-natural scrub.
A thermal sensation gel facewash that smoothly cleans your skin.

In stores July 7, 2017 Limited edition

Fruity Fresh Scrub

〈Scrub Facewash〉
125g 2,800 yen (not including tax)


Fruity Fresh Scrub Mechanism

  • Base: Warming gel containing beauty essences
  • Highly water soluble molecules
  • Cool sensation ingredient (menthol)

[Five naturally occurring scrubs]

  • Peach kernel
  • Mannan Cellulose
  • Apricot kernel
  • Walnut kernel (Juglans regia shell fragments)

Apply to Skin

Wash From Skin

Brings you smooth, translucent skin

〈About Beauty Essences〉

Kiwi Extract

A fruit defined by its refreshing fragrance and sweet yet sharp flavor. Rich in vitamin C, making it effective for skin troubles, and also contains vitamin E, working with the vitamin C to provide a powerful antioxidative effect. The kiwi extract collected from kiwi fruit is overflowing with refreshing moisture, bringing you truly vital skin.

Star Fruit Extract

Extract obtained from star fruit leaves, it promotes the production of collagen, has active oxygen removal properties, and helps to bring you young and firm skin.

Camu camu extract

Camu camu is a red fruit 2-3cm in length, with a strong, citrus-like acidic flavor. Said to contain more than 50 times the vitamin C of lemon, it is also rich in anti-oxidizing polyphenols. The camu camu extract obtained from the camu camu fruit brings moisture to the skin, making it healthy and translucent.

Hamamelis leaf extract

An extract obtained from Hamamelis leaves, which contain tannin. Has an astringent effect, tightening the skin to keep it healthy.

Chinese quince extract

Chinese quince are yellow fruit 10-15cm in length, with a sweet fragrance when ripe. They have long been used in folk remedies to treat throat inflammation and cure coughing. The extract obtained from the fruit is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, suppressing the production of excess lipids and bringing you skin with no need to worry about shiny patches.