JILL STUART new base makeup items

In stores April 20, 2018

dressed tulle

Soft and glowing skin, as if it was wrapped in light and fluffy tulle.
It also resembles the pure radiance of a girl's beloved dress or veil.

On days when you want to give your skin a rest and finish off base makeup easily,
our CC cream glides on to give you pure and natural coverage.

Then dust on our new loose powder that
gently holds onto skin and creates a finish full of translucence.

When gentle spring light shines on me.
The girlish, soft loveliness makes me look like
an innocent—yet sexy—woman.

That feeling is just like being bewitched by the magic of tulle.

Supremely light and airy, like being wrapped in tulle.
Loose powder that imparts an innocent translucence,
for skin with a fine-textured finish.

In stores April 20, 2018

airy tulle
lasting loose powder

20g, 3 colors, 4,500 Yen each (not including tax)

  • 01 natural Natural beige with an airy fine texture
    (※Main color)
  • 02 lucent Highly-translucent sheer pure white
  • 03 shimmer Baby pink that adds a rosy touch, with delicate glittering silver and gold pearl

Loose powder for continuously beautiful,
translucent skin with invisible pores

Moist powder pleasantly
melts and seals to skin.

Ⓐ Soft Spherical Powder is a fluffy and flexible powder that melts and seals onto skin. Ⓑ Moist Sealing Powder seals to skin uniformly to provide beautiful coverage.

Gently coats to erase pores.
For fine-textured, translucent and uniform skin.

Ⓒ Translucent Bright Powder has extremely fine particles, so it's designed to adhere to the surface of Ⓐ and Ⓑ particles. It creates fine texture and a subtle brightness. Ⓐ Soft Spherical Powder has a soft focus effect that gently blurs to cover uneven skin texture, pores, and dullness.

For a beautiful finish that lasts all day,
with no shine, dullness or deterioration.

ⒸTranslucent Bright Powder doesn't dull even when wet by sebum, for a beautiful layer that lasts. Ⓐ Soft Spherical Powder has a sebum absorbing effect, making it especially resistant to shine. Ⓑ Strong Sealing Powder adheres to skin flexibly, so it's designed to resist deterioration caused by facial movement.

  • Ⓐ Soft Spherical Powder Pore soft focus effect, sense of adhesion

  • Ⓑ Strong Sealing Powder Moist texture, adheres to skin uniformly

  • Ⓒ Translucent Bright Powder Natural brightness, provides dullness-resistant lasting hold

  • Plate Powder Radiance, cover powder, pearl
    ※03 only

  • Pink Pearl Powder Brightness, rosiness

  • Mineral powder,
    amino acid powder

All powders above are coated in emollient oil and beauty agents

A subtle rosiness and pure translucence.
CC Cream that provides fresh moisture,
and covers pores and uneven color.

In stores April 20, 2018

airy tint watery CC cream
UV veil

(Serum foundation)
34g, 3 colors, 3,200 Yen each (not including tax) SPF50+/PA++++

  • 01 light floral beige For those wanting a bright finish
  • 02 natural floral beige For those wanting a natural finish
    (※Main color)
  • 03 blooming floral beige For those wanting a rosy finish

Like a bashful peony flower that blushes a subtle pink.
Our popular skin-brightening CC cream is now better than ever.
We've added a new color that gives skin a gentle rosiness.
This unique light pink beige enhances skin's natural beauty.

Moisture, comfort, and pure rosiness that lasts.
CC cream that acts like skin care.

Feels fresh as it glides on.
Skincare effects impart rich moisture.

Highly-moisturizing beauty agents, paste oil, and water-based moisturizing ingredients provide skin care-like hydration.
It works as makeup and skincare, supplying plentiful moisture throughout the day and preventing dullness due to dryness.

Dust Proof Formula protects skin from UV rays and environmental stress.

Highest-value SPF50+/PA++++ provides complete protection against UV rays, preventing the dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.
Dust Proof Formula protects skin from dust and dirt in the atmosphere.

Two powders form a thin layer that provides thorough
coverage of pores and uneven color.
For a natural bare-skin finish that lasts.

Amino Acid Coat Powder arranges neatly on top of skin to achieve coverage with a thin makeup layer that looks natural. Doesn't dull even when wet by sebum, for a beautiful and translucent finish that lasts. Balloon Spherical Powder is hollow inside, letting it reflect light to create a soft focus effect that blurs pores and uneven color, for an airy and beautiful finish.