Mousse Brow Mascara

Mousse Brow Mascara

Like a soft and light mousse.
Eyebrow mascara for a natural brow color finish.

In stores August 5, 2016 New Product
JILL STUART Mousse Brow Mascara
4 colors 2,200 Yen each (not including tax)

01 latte
A soft and bright, yellowy light brown, like a latte
02 mocha
Pink brown, with a warmth like mocha * main color
03 cappuccino
Natural brown, like a cappuccino
04 espresso
Dark brown, like a slightly bitter espresso

Product features:
・Eyebrow mascara that realizes mousse-like, fluffy, natural eyebrow color with just a single application.
・For soft semi-matte eyebrows that create a natural impression. A light feeling of application that does not clog even after multiple applications.
・Four types to choose from to suit your hair color and makeup. Provide exactly the color as shown, creating a soft and innocent impression.
・Formulated with a film-forming agent to create a flexible film that is also resistant to sweat and lipids. Provides excellent makeup hold with resistance to sweat, water, lipids and friction. Water at a temperature of around 40 degrees will soften it, allowing for it to be easily washed off.
・Uses a mini-brush that keeps the mascara off your skin while allowing delicate coverage along the length of your brows. Allows for easy drawing of lines without fail.
・Can be used in conjunction with Brow & Nose Shadow Powder and Airy Stay Brow Liner for an even fluffier eyebrow finish.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Apply as though combing in the direction of your eyebrows.

Beauty essences:
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizer)

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