JILL STUART lifestyle skincare

In stores July 5, 2019


Fragrance that envelopes you from moment to moment.
You're invited- to love your body and set your mind free.
Be a woman who radiates confidence.

JILL STUART Lifestyle Products

Each and every product has been packed
with the goodness of fresh-picked flowers, the essence of mineral-packed superfoods,
specially selected cosmetic ingredients, and natural fragrances.

If you treasure yourself, treat yourself to a moment of bliss to bring deep healing.

Our aim is to be your biggest spiritual and physical ally, always by your side.
This dual-method approach is so much more than cosmetics.
Shine brighter, with JILL STUART.

Crystal Prep Care - Ready to Glow

Loving your skin is the most important step to a dazzling smile.

So get that “diamond skin” look with face care that evokes a dewiness inspired
by high-translucency crystal sparkling in kaleidoscopic colors.

Follow that up with our “Crystal Prep Care” collection,
designed to maximize the potential of your base makeup.

Add on to your usual makeup routine, or use the whole line.

Formulated with sparkling radiance so you can love yourself more and more.

ジルスチュアート ライフスタイルが叶える肌とは ダイヤモンドスキン JILL STUART の4C
1. Crystal
The luster of crystal
that captivates all.
2. Comfort
Skin that's packed
with hydration and
feels so good to touch,
you won't want to stop.
3. Clear
Dullness-free translucency.
4. Cheerful
Makes you bright and
cheerful, for the biggest smile
you’ve ever had.

Like a fresh-picked collection of pink flowers,
this fragrance is clear and relaxing.

◆ Aroma ◆

It starts as something fresh and vibrant, then gradually shifts to a feminine,
floral fragrance, finishing on a deeply relaxing note.
This is a fragrance you’ll want every day, promising a pleasure-filled skin care routine.

Design Concept

A fusion of our long-time favorite vintage look with an edgy and modern design.
The iconic crystal features a bold cut for a glamorous look.
The soft coloring and round shape convey how this product is gentle on the skin.

just like a skin care product, while also conveying a sense of efficacy.

While each product has its own unique design,
when seen together they have a sense of opulence, like a woman wearing a diamond.

Designed to be full of originality, in a uniquely JILL STUART way.

Hydrates with oils and serum.
Toner with the goodness
of hydrating plants for dewy skin.

In stores July 5, 2019

JILL STUART crystal enhancer

190mL, 2,800 yen (not including tax)

クリスタル エンハンサー
Point 1

Makes your skin juicily dewy

Contains Crystal Glow Agent, which has a high level of affinity with your skin,
and forms a thin, even layer. It’s not shiny like normal oil and keeps your skin dewy and perfectly hydrated for hours.

Point 2

Feels like a toner,
hydrates like a beauty serum

Formulated with oil and serum water (activator free).

Non-sticky and lightweight to the touch to lock in hydration internally, leaving your skin looking supple.

Formulated with 6 types of plant extracts and 2 types of plant oils
to hydrate your skin completely, improving skin health.

Point 3

Crystal Prep Care
makes your normal foundation look dewy

Gives your skin a natural dewiness, so you can easily give your base makeup
a dewy finish, no technique needed.

Your makeup will also be much easier to apply.

Diagram of skin after use

Switch on radiance and hydration in synch.
Just one bottle for everything from toner to primer.
An all-in-one lotion for easy everyday care.

In stores July 5, 2019

JILL STUART crystallizer

150mL, 2,800 yen (not including tax)

クリスタル エンハンサー
Point 1

For natural skin that's packed with radiance, translucent and luminous
from the moment of application

Simultaneous realization of three outcomes- increased tone,
a natural radiance and a subtle rosy glow- with the radiance of Crystal Shine Agent and
the sustained hydration of a moisturizing base.

Gives a healthy, rosy glow to even yellowed or dullness-prone skin,
giving you skin that’s more translucent and radiant that you’ve ever experienced before.

Point 2

Quadruple effects:
Toner + Moisturizer + Beauty Serum + Primer

The oils, which are great moisturizers, hydraters and emollients,
have been combined optimally to form a moisturizing base to cover the skin.

Use morning and night as part of your skin care for their satisfying and long-lasting hydrating effects.

Point 3

Crystal Prep Care effect:
Makes skin more toned & makes it easier to apply makeup,
so makeup looks better on your skin

Improves skin color, and forms a hydrating layer covering your skin perfectly,
for hydrated skin that's brighter and more translucent.

Gives you skin that offsets foundation perfectly, making it easily to apply in an even layer.

Dream of smooth skin
while radiant crystals engulf you.
Peel-off mask for skin
that’s glossy and toned.

In stores July 5, 2019

JILL STUART dreaming starry glow mask

50g, 3,500 yen (not including tax)

ドリーミング スターリーグロウ マスク ざらつき・くすみ除去、メイクのりの良さを叶えるヒミツ

Apply the mask to your skin and the filming ingredients will meld to the skin. The lame and pearl formulated in the mask make it sparkle with different colors.

When the mask dries, it will remove old keratin only from the skin surface.The lame and pearl will come away cleanly from the skin in an even layer, while the cosmetic and hydrating ingredients penetrate the stratum corneum.

Your skin will be left silky smooth on the surface, and plumply toned due to the hydration within.

Recommended usage areas

We recommend using over the whole face, or on areas that feel rough.

Put some sparkle in your usual makeup.
Serum primer with the radiance of pearl and hydration of fruit.

In stores July 5, 2019

JILL STUART illuminating serum primer

30mL, 3,200 yen (not including tax) SPF20/PA++

イルミネイティング セラムプライマー
Point 1

Goes on succulent-smooth
to form an even layer

Water soluble polymers means this product feels lightweight and hydrating
like a moisturizing lotion to apply, and adheres quickly during application.

Easily forms a complete and even layer over your skin.

Point 2

Pure radiance and overwhelming
translucence like a diamond.

Specially formulated with different types of pearl and diamond powder.

From the moment it first touches your skin,
you’ll feel the overwhelming translucent radiance in your skin.

Contains pore-covering powder for a soft-focus effect,
covering pores naturally so your skin has a beautiful finish with no uneven areas,
like it’s covered with a thin veil.

Point 3

Hydrating just like a skin care product,
for a beautiful finish that lasts.

Contains emollient oils, so while it works as an emollient it also suffuses the skin
with hydration, feeling comfortable and non-sticky.

Formulated with silicone oil, which doesn’t bond well with sweat and sebum,
so makes makeup last longer.

Gives a beautiful just-applied finish that lasts.