JILL STUART new base makeup items

In stores March 6th, 2020
Start of preorders February 21st, 2020

Aurora Lavender

It's my same old foundation, yet something’s different.

No matter which angle it’s from, my skin radiates a beautiful glow
like an ethereal aurora shimmering in infinite patterns.

It has to be my little secret- a bit of lavender color to my usual base makeup.

It's subtle, yet gives your skin a definitive beauty, for a springtime brighter than ever.

For radiant skin with translucency-maximizing lavender pearl.
Makeup base for skin textured so beautifully, you’ll have to look twice.

New colors In stores March 6th, 2020 (Start of preorders February 21st, 2020)

illuminating serum primer

30mL 3,200 yen (not including tax) SPF20/PA++