JILL STUART new items

In stores July 17th, 2020
Start of preorders July 3rd, 2020

moonlit dew

A glow most soft and beautiful.

The shimmering moon that reflects the light
of the sun has a glow that is delicate yet bold.
Always enchanting with her many faces.

Moonlight dew drops in highlighter form.
Dreamy, delicate color variation creates
a shimmering finish for sheer, beautiful skin.

Bring out your skin's natural beauty with
with a hint of color for a subtle enhancement.

Perfectly soft and beautiful skin,
as lovely as moonlight.
A color highlighter that
creates dimension and shimmer.

New item In stores July 17th, 2020 (Start of preorders July 3rd, 2020)

moonlit dew highlighter

[Face Eye Color]

1 limited-edition color in a total of 9 colors
3,200 yen each (not including tax)


Freely adjust sheen and dimensionality to achieve your perfect face.
9 colors x 3 types for your desired skin tone.


Twist up 2mm of product and apply with a fingertip.
* Do not twist up more than 5mm of product.
Stick may break.
(Shades used: 01~07)
Apply with a finger or directly onto the 5 indicated areas in triangular shapes.
(Shades used: 101~102)
Use a finger to blend out product in the direction of the arrows.
(Shades used: 101, 102+01~07)
Apply 101 all over the face and
102 to forehead and cheeks.
Apply any of shades 01~07 to the
5 areas around the eyes.


Concealer + Highlight
For a naturally beautiful face with natural glow and dimension
101 or 102 + 01
For a cute and soft naturally flushed look.
101 or 102 + 02
For a brighter, even skin tone with reduced redness and yellowness
101 or 102 + 03
For a bright and feminine look without dullness.
101 or 102 + 04
* Please choose 101 or 102 according to your skin tone.
Use both for even better coverage.

A glowing finish for makeup with just one spray.
Mist eliminates dullness with one easy spray.

New item In stores July 17th, 2020 (Start of preorders July 3rd, 2020)

Crystal Glow & Fix Mist

[Facial mist]

 60mL 2,200 yen (not including tax)