JILL STUART Base makeup New items

In stores March 1st, 2022

Dress Up with Glow Chiffon Veil

Achieve "Glow Chiffon” skin
for the sunny season.
The gorgeous light that dwells within the skin,
and the delicate veil that gently envelops it.

JILL STUART introduces base makeup
items to truly enjoy and feel
comfortable with this summer.

When dressed in Glow Chiffon’s
veil, the bright sunlight
becomes your best spotlight.

Protects your skin from the summer sun while keeping its glow.
A refreshing case of makeup with skincare-like qualities.

New item In stores March 1st, 2022

Illuminating Serum Primer UV

2 types 30mL 3,520 yen each (3,200 yen not including tax)

A makeup base that protects the skin from UV rays,
providing both skincare and makeup base effects in one product.
Point 1

High SPF with less of the UV-blocking powder and UV absorbers often used in high SPF items to achieve a smooth and fresh feel.

Point 2

Contains the highly flexible and sweat- and sebum-resistant Lasting Ingredient for long-lasting wear that is comfortable and light on the skin even at a time of a year when smudging makeup is a concern.

Point 3

Contains Diamond Powder made from crushed polished diamonds for glowing, clear and even-toned skin.

Customize your desired texture with semi-matte or glossy finish.
A pressed powder for lasting, translucent beauty.

New item In stores March 1st, 2022

Dual Lucent Glow Setting Powder

2 types 4g 3,300 yen each (3,000 yen not including tax)

A: Chiffon Powder
B: Shimmer Glow Powder

A pressed powder in two different
finishes to achieve your desired skin.
Point 1

Chiffon Powder creates a
clear and semi-matte finish (A)

Point 2

Shimmer Glow Powder creates a shimmering
finish with a translucent glow (B)

Point 3

Anti-shine and
long-lasting (A,B)

New item In stores March 1st, 2022

Setting Powder Compact

1,650 yen (1,500 yen not including tax)

Soft and smooth
on the skin.